The Benny Hill Show

Season 14 Episode 2

Show 45

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1983 on ITV



  • Notes

    • In the "Holidays" segment, there are several instances of brief female nudity, a bit of a rarity on this series: first, a few brief filmed insert shots at a hotel of two topless swimmers. Later, two of Hill's Angels are doing some topless sunning on the beach in front of Hill and briefly stand up in front of him. Though shot from behind, you can clearly see Corinne Russell's breasts several times in this segment. Later, in another sketch, you can also see most of Russell's bottom (she's only wearing a thong) where she is playing the part of a stripper (she's topless here, too, but is holding a large balloon to cover the essential areas). Although the above sequences have made their way into several home video compilations unaltered, they are routinely edited on US television broadcasts to eliminate the nudity.

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