The Benny Hill Show

Season 15 Episode 2

Show 47

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1984 on ITV



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    • Floor Manager Fizz Waters makes a rare appearance, during the "Two Minutes Under" closing monologue.

    • When this episode aired on Comedy Central in the mid-1990's, portions of the Hill's Angels Aerobatics routine and "The Hot Shoe Show" parody were cut, as well as some quickies and Benny's ending monologue after his retort, "All right, you're the producer - this week . . . "

      Conversely, the US syndicated version showed the last few seconds of the "Vagabond" sketch, in which Benny and other vagabonds chase assorted Angels including Louise English and Erica Lynley, that were missing from Comedy Central's airings and A&E's DVD release of this original episode.

    • Karan David, who played a nurse in the ending St. John Thomas Hospital sketch, was uncredited in this episode, yet was listed amongst the cast (as Karen David) in TVTimes' (UK) listing promoting this show.

    • This show was taped on February 3, 1984.

    • Former Hill's Angel Abigail Higgins appears, uncredited, in "The Vagabond" sketch, as a bank teller in the "Fingers McNee" sketch, and as Lady Shaver in the closing runoff "Hospital" sketch. Jenny Westbrook also appears, uncredited, in "The Vagabond" sketch. Alison Bell made an uncredited appearance as a nurse in the closing "St. John Thomas Hospital Opening" runoff sketch.

    • During the closing chase, an old man in a runaway wheelchair tumbles over a cliff. This is footage re-used from the "Grand Wheelchair Rally" sketch from Show 33.

    • The outdoor scenes in the closing chase were filmed at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England.

    • This show was issued on VHS in 1997 by HBO Video under the title "Golden Sniggers" in the first Golden Laughter collection. It was also issued as part of the DVD set Golden Greats in 2001.

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