The Berenstain Bears

Season 4 Episode 39

Bears for All Seasons; Grow It

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 2004 on PBS

Episode Recap

Bears for All Seasons: It's near the end of October. Nither Brother nor Sister like autumn because of the cold and wetness. There isn't even anything for them to do outdoors. Papa says that a good dose of walking and fresh air should do them well. When the cubs step outside their treehouse, they discover that the weather isn't as cold as they thought. In fact, it feels like summer. Brother and Sister decide on playing baseball or soccer, but Papa has an even better idea. The whole family could go swimming at the water hole. Mama herself is surprised at the sudden change in the weather. The family goes for a nice cool swim in the water hole. Sister says to Papa that swimming was a good idea. Mama agrees with Sister, and Brother hopes the hot weather will continue. Papa shows the cubs the leaves on a crab apple tree which haven't changed yet. It could mean one thing: The weather might be the same tomorrow. The next day, Brother and Sister get excited about going for another swim at the water hole. When they open the door of their treehouse, they can feel cold air outside. Even the leaves are starting to change. Brother and Sister shiver. Guess they won't be going swimming after all. Even Papa's weather predictions aren't always right. Now Brother and Sister have nothing to do since the weather has changed. Mama tells the cubs they shouldn't waste today just sitting around. Brother and Sister go upstairs to dress in warm clothes and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. After going for a walk, Brother and Sister have had enough of the cold air and want to go back inside. Besides, it's too cold for them to do anything anyway, except for catching falling leaves. That's just what Brother and Sister plan to do. They spend the afternoon gathering leaves and raking them into a pile. They jump into their leaf pile they made with Mama and Papa. That night, Brother and Sister tell Mama and Papa all about their day. Brother and Sister think Mama was right about enjoying what the day would have in store for them. Mama says that the fall weather is perfect for a family hay ride, which they decide to go on tomorrow. The next morning, Brother and Sister are getting ready for their hay ride when they discover that everything is covered with snow. Mama says the snow looks pretty, but what about the hay ride? Brother and Sister get disappointed to hear it was canciled. Brother wanted to make the leaf pile bigger than he and Sister did yesterday, but not with snow on them. Sister tells Brother to think about what they can do in the snow rather than dwell on yesterday. So, Brother and Sister go outside and make snow angels. They can see Lizzie making a snowbear. That makes Brother and Sister want to make their own snowbear. Sister asks Mama and Papa for things she and Brother can use for their snowbear like a hat and a carrot. Later that day while drinking hot chocolate, Brother and Sister talk with their parents about how they spent their snowy day. They even built a snow fort. They were glad they didn't waste such a good day doing nothing. Papa thinks they can go skiing tomorrow. But the next day, Papa isn't sure if they'll be skiing at all. It has started to rain. Even the snow is starting to melt. Brother and Sister remind Mama and Papa to try and enjoy what a new day has to offer instead of just wishing it was yesterday. Mama had been looking forward to a family ski day. Sister suggests that today may offer a day of indoor family fun since it's wet outside. They can play games and make cookies. Mama is glad the family didn't wish for it to be yesterday, and so is Papa. Grow It: Brother is playing baseball with Sister. As Sister runs to catch the ball, she crashes into a bush. Brother gets surprised at seeing what got caught in Sister's fur. She has crashed into a thistle bush, and she has bers in her fur! Even Mama couldn't get all the bers out by picking at them. All Mama can do is cut Sister's fur off with scissors. When Sister thinks she's going to be bald, Brother gets excited. Sister isn't going to be bald, but Mama cuts off her fur with the bers in it. Now Sister can't wear her ribbon until her fur grows back. Sister says she'll look silly without her ribbon and her fur so short. Then she suddenly remembers that it's picture day at school next week. Sister hopes her fur will grow back by then. Mama says fur grows at its own pace, and that Sister needs to be patient. It won't be easy for Sister, but she'll try. The next day, Sister wears a hat to school to hide her fur. Lizzie tells Sister that hats are not allowed in school. Professor Actual Factual is substituting for Teacher Jane today. Lizzie asures Sister that her fur doesn't look too terrible, and Queenie thinks it looks like something she saw in Teen Bear Magazine. Sister still thinks her short fur looks too silly. Professor Factual walks into the classroom and begins teaching the class about botany (the study of plants). He gives each student a recycled yogurt cup to use as a flower pot to plant a seed in it. Later after school, Sister shows Mama her seed she planted. Sister needs to give it sunlight and water to help it grow. Mama says Sister has to give her seed patience to grow, just like her fur. So, Sister tries being patient for her seed to grow. The next day, Sister checks on her seed hoping it grew. It hasn't started to grow yet. Day after day, Sister gives her seed water and sun, but it has hardly started to come up out of the dirt. Sister stares at her seed hoping it will grow, but Mama says staring won't make it grow any faster. Mama asks Sister to help her cut cookies instead. Sister tells Mama that everyone's seeds have started to grow except hers. Sister has to take her seed back to school on Monday, but Mama says that she needs to give it a bit more time. Not only that, Monday is also picture day. Mama explains that Sister's fur and her plant are alike because they both need patience to grow. Things grow at their own speed. Sister doesn't want to wait anymore. She wants them to happen now. A fishing trip with Gramps may help Sister get her mind off growing. Gramps likes Mama's cookies. Sister tells Gramps about how Mama cut the bers out of her fur and how silly it looks, especially when she will take her school picture. Gramps thinks Sister's fur looks cute. Sister also talks to Gramps about her problem with her seed she planted. She has been waiting an entire week for it to grow. Sister is starting to grow a little impatient and flustered, but Gramps tells her that certain things can't be hurried. Gramps used to be as impatient as Sister when he was her age. Back then, he planted his special fishing tree, where he and Sister like to be together. Sister thought the tree had been around forever. When Gramps was young, he thought his tree would sprout from the ground like in the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. He found something to keep him busy and take his mind off the tree. Before long, the tree began to grow. It taught Gramps all about patience. On Monday, Mama reminds Sister about her seed and how things can't be rushed. Sister doesn't even need her hat for picture day. At school, Professor Factual wonders why Sister's seed didn't start to grow. Sister explains that certain things need patience. Sister planted an apple seed the day he first came. The professor finds out that Sister is growing an apple tree. Even Sister is surprised. Trees grow much longer than plants. The professor offers Sister to grow a flower seed this time, but she wants to continue waiting for her apple tree to grow. At least Sister has finally learned how to wait now. A voice announces over the P.A. telling Teacher Jane's class to come to the gym to take their class pictures. Sister has almost forgotten it was picture day. At least Sister's fur is starting to grow back, too. She shows Gramps her class picture and her apple tree that is just starting to sprout. Gramps reminds Sister that it will take some time before her tree starts growing apples. When Sister grows up, her grandchildren will have plenty of apples to eat, and her apple tree will be right near the fishing tree.