Fan-Made Story: Mrs. Grizzle's Babies

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    Koda20 suggested I'd make a fan-made story for The Berenstain Bears where Mama and Papa go on a long vacation and Mrs. Grizzle babysits the cubs and dresses them as babies.
    Here's my first chapter.

    Chapter 1: Mama and Papa Go on Vacation

    It is summer, and Mama and Papa have been busy packing their suitcases for a week. Brother and Sister are curious about why their parents have been packing. Could they have been planning a vacation, and are Mama and Papa going to take the cubs along with them?

    "Mama, Papa, are you going on a vacation?" Brother asks.
    "Are you going to take us along?" asks Sister.
    Mama answers, "Well, cubs. We are going on vacation."
    "Mama and I are going on a cruiseship," Papa adds.
    "Unfortunately," Mama breaks in, "you cubs can't come with us."
    Brother and Sister sigh. "Why not," Sister asks.
    "We're going on our third honeymoon," Papa says.
    "Another honeymoon?!" Brother and Sister cry out in unison.
    "Yep," Mama says.
    "But who will take care of us?" Sister asks.
    "Maybe Gran?" Brother pipes up.
    "No, cubs," Papa answers. "Mrs. Grizzle will be taking care of you for the next five weeks."
    "You're going to be gone for five weeks?" Brother asks.
    "Don't worry, cubs," Mama says. "Mrs. Grizzle knows you two will have fun while we're gone."
    "Besides," Papa adds, "Mrs. Grizzle has a surprise for you cubs when she comes."
    "Oh boy," Sister says, sounding a bit uncertain.

    The next day, Mama and Papa are all set for their vacation. At about one o'clock, Mrs. Grizzle knocks on the door. Mama and Papa greet her as she comes in. After Mrs. Grizzle says goodbye to Mama and Papa and wishes them a good trip, she goes to her car and brings out a big suitcase full of something. Brother and Sister are curious about what might be in Mrs. Grizzle's suitcase. As soon as Mrs. Grizzle lugs it into the treehouse, she asks the cubs, "Are you ready for my big surprise?"
    "Uh, I think so," says Brother shyly.
    Mrs. Grizzle opens the case. Inside it, the cubs see that she's packed a bunch of diapers, two baby bottles, rattles, and other baby supplies.

    "You cubs are going to be my babies," Mrs. Grizzle says.
    "Babies?" Brother and Sister ask in surprise at the same time.
    "That's right," Mrs. Grizzle says. "You're going to be my own little bundles of joy."
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    You need to use the enter key, everything is jumbled up.

    Whenever somebody starts talking, you start a new paragraph. Other than that, everything looks ok.

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    Zonetime wrote:

    You need to use the enter key, everything is jumbled up.

    Whenever somebody starts talking, you start a new paragraph. Other than that, everything looks ok.

    I did press the enter key each time the next character speaks. I guess that didn't work, so I used line break tags instead. The enter key works in separating paragraphs when I write my episode recaps, but in the forums, I must use line break tags.

    Corrections have been made. Thanks, Zonetime.
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    Chapter 2: The Cubs in Diapers with Bottles

    Mrs. Grizzle dresses the cubs up as babies in diapers. After doing that, she says to them, "There you go, my little baby cubs. Now I will be your Mama."
    "Mrs. Grizzle is going to be our current Mama while our parents are gone?" Sister whispers to Brother.
    "Our temperary Mama," Brother corrects her. "Besides," Brother adds, "I am not so sure about going around in diapers."
    "Yeah," Sister replies, "they feel a bit uncomfortable."
    "These diapers may feel a bit uncomfortable at first," Brother advises Sister, "but remember, we're trying to please Mrs. Grizzle while Mama and Papa are away."
    "OK, I'll try," Sister says.

    Brother and Sister begin to feel a bit thursty a little later. They start calling, "Mrs. Grizzle, we're thursty!"
    Mrs. Grizzle, who was in the kitchen, calls back to them, "You are my babies. Babies, remember? Babies don't talk when they're hungry."
    So, Brother and Sister pretend to cry like babies. "Wah! Wah!" they start.
    Mrs. Grizzle comes into the living room carrying the two baby bottles she brought filled with warm milk and honey. "There now," she says soothingly to them, "I know you'd want your babas (bottles in baby talk)."
    "Sis wan baba," Sister says in her best baby talk she could use.
    "Me doo," Brother says in his baby talk.
    "Well, here you are. Some nice milk and honey for you," Mrs. Grizzle says, holding one bottle in each hand and feeding the cubs.
    "This milk tastes warm," Sister whispers to Brother after they've been fed.
    "I know," Brother tells her, "but it was good though. Can you even remember at all the last time you've ever drunk from a baby bottle?"

    After the cubs were fed, Mrs. Grizzle picks up Sister and holds her in her arms and rubs her back. Just then, Sister lets out a...burp!
    "Oh, you burped!" Mrs. Grizzle exclaims. "How cute."
    Brother thinks Mrs. Grizzle is giving Sister most of the attention to her and not enough for him, so he starts pretending to cry so Mrs. Grizzle would take notice. "Wah! Wah!"
    "Oops, I shouldn't forget about you, Brother," Mrs. Grizzle says, setting Sister down on the sofa and scooping up Brother in her arms. "My, you're heavier than I thought you were going to be," she says to Brother.
    Mrs. Grizzle rubs Brother's back and then...BURP! Brother went. Brother's burp was unlike Sister's. Brother's was a bit more louder.
    "Wow!" Sister says to herself, "Is that really the way Brother burps?"

    "All right, my little honeybuns," Mrs. Grizzle says to the cubs later that evening. "Let's play some games now." And so Mrs. Grizzle begins playing peek-a-boo with Brother and Sister. The cubs didn't think it was necessary at first. But when they start remembering how they used to love playing peek-a-boo with Mama and Papa when they were really babies back then, they find it is enjoyable.
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    Chapter 3: Brother and Sister Get a Diaper Change

    "I'm sure Mama and Papa won't mind if they'd let me sleep in their bed while they're gone," Mrs. Grizzle says to herself as she feeds the cubs who she dressed up as babies. Brother and Sister get burped after they've had their bottles.

    So that night, Brother and Sister sleep with Mrs. Grizzle in Mama and Papa's bed.
    "Ni-ni, Mama," says Sister.
    "Goonite," says Brother.
    "Goodnight, my babies," Mrs. Grizzle says sweetly.

    The next morning, Brother and Sister are just waking up. Mrs. Grizzle has gone into the kitchen to prepare their babas (bottles) when Brother notices his diaper is hanging a bit low. He whispers to Sister, "Psst, hey Sis."
    "Yeah, Brother?" Sister answers him.
    "I just had the strangest dream last night," Brother continues. "I dreamed I was actually a baby cub again with diapers on."
    "Me too," Sister says. "I too dreamed I was a baby." She then notices a particularly funny smell.
    Brother could smell it too. "Do you smell what I smell?" he asks.
    Sister feels her diaper just like Brother did. "Oh no!" she cries out, "I guess I've been thinking of myself as a baby so much, I must have--"
    "Me too," Brother says feeling his diaper again.
    Then together, Brother and Sister cry, "We need a diaper change!" Then they start crying like babies hoping Mrs. Grizzle would hear them. Mrs. Grizzle did hear the cubs' cries. When she stepped into the room, she takes a whiff. "I knew it would be time for my cubs to get a diaper change," she says. And so, she gets two clean, sterile diapers out from her suitcase. Then she cleans the cubs' backsides, sprinkles baby powder on them, and puts the clean diapers on the cubs.
    "Now that's much more like it," Mrs. Grizzle says, throwing away the old diapers.

    Later in the afternoon after the cubs have been fed, Mrs. Grizzle plays "This Little Pigie" with them. Brother and Sister's toes were so ticklish, they couldn't help but kick their feet with laughter. Once, Sister even gives Mrs. Grizzle a kick under the chin. "Oopsy!" she says.
    "How playful they are," Mrs. Grizzle tells herself. Then she gives Brother and Sister a raspberry on their tummies. "T-h-u-p-p-p-p-p." she goes. This makes Brother and Sister laugh even harder. Once, Brother even gets the hiccups from all that laughing. Mrs. Grizzle gives the cubs their own rattles to play with.

    At bedtime, as Mrs. Grizzle takes a shower, Brother and Sister sit quietly on Mama and Papa's bed. "How does it feel to be a baby again, Sis?" he asks Sister.
    "I am still not sure," Sister answers, "but I do know that since we're wearing diapers, that could mean we're not supposed to use the toylet."
    "I can't even remember the last time I ever slept in a crib," Brother says to Sister. "I just hope we don't have to do that."
    "We've got to find some way to tell Mrs. Grizzle that we don't want to be babies anymore," Sister whispers to Brother. "What will Mama and Papa think when they come home and we're still dressed this way?"
    "Let's give this a little more time," Brother insists. Then he adds, "You know, Sis, you sure were ticklish."
    "Yeah," says Sister giggling a little, "I just about gave Mama--I mean Mrs. Grizzle--a kick. I hope I didn't kick her too hard."

    Soon enough, Mrs. Grizzle comes in and rocks the cubs to sleep as she sings a lullaby.
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    Chapter 4: Brother and Sister Break Out of Their Diapers

    This went on for three and a half weeks. Mrs. Grizzle stayed with the cubs while Mama and Papa were away on vacation. Brother and Sister were dressed up as and acting like babies. They drank from their bottles, Mrs. Grizzle (their temperary Mama) played with them, and the cubs even did an oopsy in their diapers from time to time.
    "I wish I could just go to the bathroom without having to go in my diaper," Brother would sometimes whisper to Sister when they were alone and Mrs. Grizzle wasn't listening.
    "Me too," Sister would answer. "These diapers are making me feel pretty uncomfortable."
    At least the cubs didn't have to sleep in a crib. That too would be uncomfortable. They slept every night with Mrs. Grizzle in Mama and Papa's bed.

    One afternoon, Mrs. Grizzle was taking her baby cubs for a stroll in a baby carriage she made for Brother and Sister so they could both fit in it. Mrs. Grizzle was pushing the carriage when she and the cubs pass by the Bruen house where Sister's best friend Lizzie was playing ball with Brother's cousin Fred, Millie, and Stacy. They look at who was in those carriages and thought, could those babies really be Brother and Sister wearing diapers?
    "Nah," Lizzie says aloud, "they couldn't be. I would feel uncomfortable if I went crawling around the house in a diaper."
    "Me too," Cousin Fred says.

    As soon as Mrs. Grizzle returns to the Bear home, she was surprised to see someone's car nearby. It was Gran and Gramps. "That's a nice surprise," Mrs. Grizzle says to Gran and Gramps as they get out of the car.
    Gran and Gramps are more surprised when they see Brother and Sister wearing Diapers. "Did you make Brother and Sister babies?" Gran asks.
    "Yep," Mrs. Grizzle answers. "I just wanted to reliv the days when I used to care for such little cubs. All my children have grown up, too fast even."
    As soon as everybody goes inside the house, Mrs. Grizzle takes a camera from out of her purse and snaps a picture of Brother and Sister in their diapers and bibs. They are just having their bottles.

    After Mrs. Grizzle lets the cubs out of their carriage, she lets them crawl around the house for a while. Mrs. Grizzle has a conversation with Gran and Gramps. That's when Brother and Sister couldn't stand wearing their diapers anymore.
    "I can't take anymore of this," whispers Brother to Sister. "I've got to get out of these diapers."
    "Me too," Sister says.
    "I'm ready if your willing," Brother says. "Let's go."

    As fast as they could crawl, Brother and Sister make their way upstairs to their room. It wasn't easy for them to crawl up the stairs. Finally, they make it to their room where they grab their regular clothes that they were really used to wearing.
    "It would be very embarrassing if we changed out of our diapers in the same bathroom," Sister says.
    "You're right," Brother says as he gets his pants. "I'll change in Mama and Papa's bathroom."
    And so, Brother and Sister change out of their diapers and back in their normal big cub clothes. They throw their diapers away in the waste basket.
    "I'll be glad when I go back to using the toylet again," Brother says coming out of Mama and Papa's bathroom. Trying to walk the normal way again, Brother wanders into Mama and Papa's closet. He stumbles upon their coats hanging in there when something falls from the closet shelf. It was the family photo album. Brother looks through it and finds the pictures of when he and Sister were babies back then. "Maybe Mrs. Grizzle should see this," Brother says to himself. "Sis and I will have to convince her not to make us babies again. We want to share the memories of our babyhood with her."
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    Final Chapter: Baby Memories

    It wasn't until Brother and Sister return downstairs where Mrs. Grizzle, Gran, and Gramps were when the grown-ups find that the cubs weren't in diapers anymore. Gramps was the first to speak.
    "Brother, Sister, what happened to your diapers?"
    "What's going on with you?" adds Gran.
    "Ask Mrs. Grizzle," says Brother.
    "But, I--" Mrs. Grizzle begins, confused about why Brother and Sister don't have their diapers on.
    Sister gathers her courage to tell it all to Mrs. Grizzle. "You see, Mrs. Grizzle, Brother and I don't want to be your babies anymore. We want to be ourselves again."
    "Why?" Mrs. Grizzle asks.
    "Well," Brother says, "me and Sis want to go back to our regular lives. We want to be able to eat the big cub foods we used to eat, play the big cub games we used to play, and we also want to go back to using the toylet."
    "Besides," Sister adds, "wearing diapers felt pretty uncomfortable."
    "Why did you make our grandcubs babies?" Gran and Gramps ask in unison.
    "Well," Mrs. Grizzle says, a bit embarrassed, "I just wanted to relive the good old days of when I used to care for my children when they were babies themselves. But as you may guess, they've all grown up."
    "At least we've got to experience what it was like to drink from baby bottles again," Brother says. "Now that reminds me," he continues showing Gran and Gramps the photo album. Brother shows them a picture of him and Sister having their babas a long time ago.
    "Brother, can I see those pictures?" Sister asks.
    "Sure, Sis," Brother answers, handing the album to her. Then he adds, "Mrs. Grizzle, you've got to see these photos of when me and Sis were babies back then, and you'll know the real story."
    Mrs. Grizzle finally comes to her senses. "OK," she says, looking in her suitcase, "I seemed to have run out of diapers anyway."
    Everybody laughs.

    Just then, the telephone rings. "I'll get it!" calls Mrs. Grizzle. It was, believe it or not, Mama and Papa.
    "Hello," Mrs. Grizzle says into the reciever.
    Mama and Papa want to talk to Brother and Sister. So, Mrs. Grizzle hands the reciever to Brother first.
    "Hi, Mama and Papa," Brother says, "how's your vacation?"
    "Well," Papa says, "I don't know how to put it to you, cubs. Our cruise has been canceled."
    "Canceled?" Brother says in surprise, "but why? I thought you were going to be gone for five weeks."
    "A fire broke out on our cruise ship, so we all had to escape in lifeboats," Mama explains.
    "A helicopter found us at sea and took us to the airport," says Papa. "We'll be coming home in about two hours."
    "Mama and Papa want to tell you that they're coming home, Sis," Brother says to Sister passing the reciever to her.
    "Hi, Mama. Hi, Papa. How are you?" Sister says into the phone. "I'm glad you're coming home. Brother and I want to tell you about our baby adventures with Mrs. Grizzle."
    "Baby adventures?" Mama asks, a bit curious.
    "We'll tell you all about it as soon as you get home," Sister says. "Goodbye." Sister hangs up the phone.

    Brother and Sister cheer with joy. "Hooray! Mama and Papa are coming home!"
    "That's nice of a surprise," Gran says. "While we wait, why don't you tell us about your experience of living like a baby again."
    "OK," Brother and Sister say. And so, the cubs tell the whole story about their living like babies to Gran and Gramps, accompanied by Mrs. Grizzle of course.

    When Mama and Papa arrive home that evening, they were surprised and delighted to see everyone: Brother, Sister, Gran, Gramps, and Mrs. Grizzle all in the living room looking at pictures of when the cubs used to be babies.
    "Where did you ever get our family photo album?" Mama asks.
    "It was in your closet," Brother answers.
    "I bet you remember this one," Mrs. Grizzle tells Mama, showing her a picture of her giving a raspberry on Sister's tummy.
    "Oh! I remember that very well," Mama says. "Baby Sister's tummy was so ticklish whenever she was given one of my silly raspberries. She'd laugh so hard, she'd start to hiccup."
    "And I remember playing peek-a-boo with the cubs when they were babies," Papa says pointing to another picture.
    "Hey, Sis," Brother whispers to Sister. "Do you think Mama and Papa still have those old home movies of when we were babies?"
    "Let's ask them," says Sister.
    So, Brother and Sister whisper something to Mama and Papa. Both parents go down to the basement.
    "Where are Mama and Papa going?" Mrs. Grizzle asks.
    "You'll see," Brother says, smiling, "it's a surprise."

    Mama and Papa come out from the basement with a little box.
    "Are you ready?" Mama and Papa ask the cubs.
    "You bet," Brother says.
    "What are you going to show me?" asks Mrs. Grizzle.
    "Watch this," Sister says as Mama turns the TV on.
    Mama and Papa play the home movies of when Brother and Sister were just babies. Mrs. Grizzle herself was surprised to learn just how small Brother and Sister were when they were just born. After watching all those baby motion pictures, Mrs. Grizzle smiles at Mama and Papa and thanks them for sharing them with her. "I just want to show you something, too," she says, reaching into her purse. She finds the picture of Brother and Sister she took with her instant camera and shows it to Mama and Papa.
    "What happened to you while we were gone?" Papa asks staring at the photo.
    "Well," Brother says, "it's a really long story."
    "You said it, Brother," says Sister. Then Sister burps. "Oopy," she says in her best baby talk.
    Everyone laughs.

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    Not a bad story.I kind of like it.

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    I guess those diapers Brother and Sister are wearing are size 6, that's why the cubs find them uncomfortable when they should be size 7 or 8 baby cub diapers to fit well and snuggly for Brother and Sister.

    Mama and Papa, Grizzly Gran and Gramps already know about this and already got over it, thanks to Mrs. Grizzle.

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    I'm not crazy about this story.

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    Not bad. Not bad at all

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