The Berenstain Bears

PBS Premiered Sep 14, 1985 In Season





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  • Cool!

  • What it is about

    It is about these cubs they want everything and their mother tells them no it is not your birthday or christmas or its not give your cubs a treat day and then after they were done shopping they wanted something and they both asked if they can get something and their mother said yes and she said can you go to ile three and get me something and then they got that after they got that they said that was a fun shopping day and then this guy was selling fluffy kitten and they said that they wanted one and then their mother and father came and told hang on we did not come here to get toy's and then they said that were done with shopping and then they beg and beg and begged until these too other people came and said uh look how cute she is and the husband said that who would say no to a face like that and then papa bear oh alright and then they went back home papa embarrassed and talk with mama bear and said we need to teach them a lesson and grandpa and grandma came and then brother and sister came down rushing and said do you toys for us and then papa bear and mother bear said go to your room right now and they went a few minutes later when papa bear was done telling his story when he was little he wanted this truck and then his father said no and then he started to cry and then he had no choice but to buy him and then this other kid wanted it but they were poor so papa bear gave that boy that toy truck and they were all happy and then brother and sister came and said we wish we can start all over and then they started again when grandma and grandpa came and then they said hello and said if you have any presents just put it on the table because we are not even thinking about it and then they had a good night and thats what it is about and the lesson is never care only about yourself thank and subscribe this okay my youtube name is Dharmal Saf type that in or my email write here
  • A family show!

    Your kids will have just as much as fun as you will learning with these bears! The cartoons are fresh, the characters have heart, and it's a classic for a reason! Highly recommend!
  • a good show for childreni

    berstine bears was one of the show i grew up watching as a child and the dad and mother were called papa bear and momma bear and the son and daughter and then went through times and the son would some times get into trouble and stuff but htere would always be the dad either to yell at him or give him words of wisdom. it was a good cartoon when i was younger and the family would do things togeather . its a childrens cartoon so its made for kids and that is why i gave it 7.5 its a good show
  • Entertaining

    Great show it keeps it's ideas stright which im sure what the cast and crew were trying to say. This show is like a newer version of the show Adventers from the book of virutes. I do like the verity of episode events like one episode a football team practing without knowing it then the next episode brother helps papa bear with "grown-up" jobs just because he felt great when he recived the key to the house. I do like this show very much. What I'm most surprised about how there where some episodes made in the 1980s. Anyways great show very clear and a great life lessons show.
  • This show is alright nothing superb about it but it's a good show. Now this show is made by Canadian directions and they make a good show now and then. So what do you like about this show?. I don't like the background music because it sounds like metal.

    And I don't like the graphics at all it looks like it is black and green and blue a little bit. And I know it is not my TV I have it tuned in clear as water. I don't mean to brag. But I like the characters and the background story ,helping other people I think that's a superb idea.
  • Great kids Show.

    I think this is an absolutely great show for children. I am a teenager, and I watch this show and love it. I think it has good entertainment value for kids, but also in each episode, they have a life lesson as well. So overall, it is a great show. It's kind of annoying how they have cheesy names like Bearbie instead of Barbie, or Bearlock Holmes instead of Sherlock Holmes, but it is kinda cute and funny. I absolutely loved reading the Berenstein Bear Books when I was younger, they were such good books and had life lessons in them as well.
  • What the heck?! Mama Papa Brother Sister? Who would name characters that?

    Come on. The bears are obsessed with honey. Bears don't like honey. And Mama Papa, is that there real names. Ya what the heck!? Brother Sister, who would name there kids that?! I don't really understand this show. Probably because I'm older then my little brother so little kids don't have to understand a show to like it.

    (Going by Gamespot ratings)
    Concept: 1
    Animation: 1
    Voice acting: 1
    Lasting: 1
    Fun to Watch: 2

    Why does thius show SUCK, it SUCKS, I hate it, i saw one episode, and it is sexist and ageist (and I do not think that is even a word). I hate it so much, I want it to die and burn in hell 5000 times and then die for the 5001th time and live in its afterlife.
  • for me this is the only educational show that educates

    I have seen it like 3 times it's not the perfect series especially for a 13 year old boy but if you are a toddler it gives you a real life education not learning things. that's all I have to say about this show the staring theme sucks even though.
  • it is a great show

    It is a great show. I don't like to watch it all the time but it is great. pbs is doing good with this show. keep doing it. great show! love it don't end it. i think this great for little ones two. this is better than the other little kids shows.
  • A great show for kids...really.

    I admit that I have enjoyed watching this show at times. It has a unique plot. It tells of the adventures of Mama, Papa, Sister, and Brother Bear, a bear family of 4 that live in a tree house in Bear Country. They learn lessons in a lot of the episodes, and it can be funny sometimes, in a good way. It's not boring, either.
    Overall, a great show for kids. Good plot, occasionally funny, and there's always character development.
  • The original was great, but now it's awful!

    Take your mind back to 1985, DIC entertainment company just started business airing cartoons like "The Littles" and (my favorite) "Inspector Gadget", which were very well done. The bearenstein bears also had the Dic magic as well as Hanna Barbera antics, which made up for a fantastic show, with intersting characters such as Ratfish Ralph and Professor Actual Factual.
    The series soon ended two years later,though, like most DIC series at that time.
    Not much was heard of them until 2003, when Nelvana Studios, the makers of poorly done childrens shows, which had me reach for the button on the TV, remade the series for PBS.
    Okay, it's great for the little 'uns, but for us teens, it doesn't have the same charm as the old show. The characters are so boooring! And what happened to Ratfish Ralph and his goons?! As you see, this show has gone downhill fast, really fast.
  • This show used to be distributed by The Incredible World Of DIC, but I can't find it on TV anymore. If anybody working for The Incredible World Of Dic is reading this, perhaps you can explain what happened.

    The Berenstain Bears Show is ancient…especially the Bear Detectives ones, It first came out on one of three Christmas specials, It was VERY old, and the cubs had British Accents, but had excellent music, and was a great story.

    After several movies, Stan & Jan decide to make it a TV Show. It was produced by Southern Star, Tribune, First Time Entertainment, Random House, Hanna-Barbara-Australia (The Best HB Cartoons.), and The Incredible World Of Dic. The show was on during the 80’s, used the best of the 80’s music, and was sometimes very funny.

    But after the show aired, Stan & Jan continued to publish new books, including an Educational Series, and The Berenstain Bear Scouts, a series of Chapter Books. So the show needs to add new episodes, and I don’t mean The Seven Little Monsters Show version. That is about the worst version, and Nelvana really made them look like one of those brainwashing preschool shows, But they had to finish the book series,

    The classic 80's version aired for a while and I was beginning to tape them, but that network took them off the air and I haven't looked in every network, but I have looked in the Internet, and I can't find anybody airing the original show.