The Berenstain Bears - Season 4

PBS Premiered Sep 14, 1985 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Bears for All Seasons; Grow It
    Bears for All Seasons: Strange weather patterns ruin the cubs' family plans. Mama and Papa tell the cubs not to dwell on the past and to enjoy what the new day has to offer no matter what kind of weather it brings. Grow It: Sister gets frustrated and impatient when both her fur and her seed aren't growing quickly. Mama and Gramps tell Sister that things can't be rushed and they need patience to help grow.moreless
  • Go Up and Down; Big Bear, Small Bear
    Go Up and Down: The Bears' are invited to the Bruins' cottage to do some fishing. Papa gets so excited he ignores Sister's and Brother's suggestions of preparation. Everytime a cub needs something they forget to take with them for fishing, Papa has to go up and down the steps to get it for them. The cubs all show Papa how important it is to plan ahead and list everything they might need to take. Big Bear, Small Bear: Brother gets his own key to the treehouse which causes him to think strongly about growing up. When he helps Papa with some grown-up work, Sister and the other cubs think he has no more time to play with them. Papa shows Brother that just like grown-ups, cubs have important jobs too.moreless
  • Papa's Pizza; The Female Fullback
    Papa's Pizza: When Brother and Sister invite a lot of friends over, they have trouble deciding what to make for lunch. Each friend has some foods they like and dislike, and it's hard for Brother and Sister to keep track. Papa, however, has a way that everybody can be happy and have what they want. He can make them pizza! The Female Fullback: Brother, Cousin Fred and Too Tall enlist the help of Betsy Broom to help them win their upcoming football game. Betsy, however, also has activities she needs to tend to. With help from the cubs, Betsy helps them in return with their football plays.moreless
  • That Stump Must Go; Draw It
    That Stump Must Go: Papa has troubles with an old tree stump whilst Brother and Sister have trouble making a scarecrow to frighten the birds away from the garden. Mama shows them that there's always a good side to every problem. Draw It: Brother joins an art class in order to improve his artistic skills. He hopes to learn how to draw faces like his art teacher, but he discovers that there are other things he must learn first.moreless
  • Showdown at Birder's Wood; Help Around the Workshop
    Showdown at Birder's Wood: When Too Tall and his gang decide to build a tree fort in the tree home to a rare bird, the cubs try to convince them otherwise. When the cubs come up with a compromise, Too Tall and his gang end up making an even better tree fort than they even dreamed of. Help Around the Workshop: When Papa is on a tight schedule for an order of a porch swing from the Squire, Brother, Sister and Mama try to help by organizing his messy workshop, but despite their efforts, chaos ensues.moreless
  • White Water Adventure; Say Please and Thank You
    White Water Adventures: At cub camp, Two Tall and his gang have trouble keeping up with the various activities, but they intentionally refuse to ask for help, especially Too Tall. When Brother offers to help Too Tall with his canoeing practice for a race, Too Tall accepts Brother's assistance. Say Please and Thank You: A lack of manners at school frustrates Sister, whilst Brother also forgets his manners. With Mama's and Papa's advice about using the magic words, please and thank you, Sister and Brother mend their troubles by saying those words to everyone at school the next day, especially their school custodian.moreless
  • Gotta Dance; The Bad Dream
    Gotta Dance: Papa is so busy in his workshop, he has no time to practice for the upcoming Spring-Fling Dance Jamboree with Mama as his partner. Brother decides to volunteer, despite the fact that he can't dance. But with Mama showing Brother a little about "'magining", Brother finds that dancing can be fun.

    The Bad Dream: Sister becomes fearful of the new villain on Brother's favorite TV Show. She tells Mama about her fears, and it helps. But when Brother starts having nightmares of his own, Sister is the one who helps Brother feel better.moreless
  • Hug and Make Up; Big Road Race
    Hug and Make Up: The cubs plan a backyard circus. When everybody says that Brother's cycling technique is amazing, Sister feels hurt because she is the one who's going to do that act and she thinks they like Brother's act more than hers. Brother feels as hurt as Sister when Lenny and his dog steal his act with Little Lady. When Sister finds out how Brother feels about losing his dog act, just like when she lost her cycle act, she gives Brother a hug to make up for it all. The cubs all work out their acts for the Bear Country circus. Big Road Race: Too Tall, Brother, Freddy and Kenny all participate in a go-cart race. Brother is in charge of building the go-cart, Too Tall is in charge of providing parts for the go-cart, and Freddy is in charge of drawing the plans for the go-cart. As for Kenny, who helps the cubs along the way, he ends up getting the honor of driving the go-cart in the race.moreless
  • Car Trip; Pick Up and Put Away
    Car Trip: Brother and sister are disappointed when they go on a tour of Bear Country's national parks instead of going to Grizzly World. With Mama and Papa reminding the cubs to try to keep an open mind, Brother and Sister end up enjoying what they see and do on their car trip. Pick Up and Put Away: Rather than tidying his room, Brother spends his time constructing a birdhouse. His room is so messy, Brother and Sister stuff everything in the closet. But when Brother goes to get something from the closet, everything spills out and his birdhouse gets destroyed. That's when Brother and Sister learn an important lesson on getting organized.moreless
  • Go to the Movies; Pet Show
    Go to the Movies: Mama plans a trip to the movies so the family can spend some quality time together. But on their way to the theater, they get interupted by many things like running out of gas and getting rained out. When they finally arrive at the movie theater, all shows have been sold out. Despite the Bear family missing out on a movie, they have all been spending time together as a family on the ride to the theater. There is one kind of movie the family can watch and it can never get sold out: home movies! Pet Show: Brother and Sister enter a pet show with Little Lady and Gran's parakeet. At first, Brother doesn't want to enter Gran's bird in the contest because she doesn't have talent. She can make different kinds of sound effects, but Brother doesn't think it's a special talent. When Gran shows Brother that he's looking at it all from a different point of view, it inspires Brother to show everybody at the pet show all the sounds Gran's bird can make that not many other birds can.moreless