The Berenstain Bears

Season 4 Episode 6

Showdown at Birder's Wood; Help Around the Workshop

Aired Unknown Sep 06, 2004 on PBS

Episode Recap

Showdown at Birder's Wood: Teacher Bob has assigned a new topic for his class. They are going to learn about birds. The class will be going on a bird-watching expedition through Birder's Wood and take a visit to the Bearsonian Institution. Too Tall says that birds are boring, and Brother thinks the class should study something more exciting like dinosaurs. Teacher Bob says that birds aren't at all boring. He also tells Brother that birds are the closest living relatives of the dinosaurs. Brother had no idea about that. When Too Tall hears about Birder's Wood, he and his gang plan to find a tree to build their "ultimate" tree fort while the others look for birds. Sister has heard from Brother that his class is studying birds. Sister offers Teacher Bob her feather collection for him to borrow, and Teacher Bob invites Sister to take Lizzie along with her and join Brother's class on the trip. Sister could also find some new feathers to add to her collection. On the trip, Brother and his partner, Cousin Freddy, search for birds and take pictures of them. Sister and Lizzie find all kinds of bird's feathers for Sister's collection. Brother shows the other students an unusual bird. Sister thinks its wing is broken, but Teacher Bob points out that it's a killdeer. It pretends to be hurt whenever anyone or anything approaches its nest. Brother finds that birds really are interesting. Meanwhile, Too Tall and his gang are making plans for their tree fort. They find what they hope to be the best tree in Birder's Wood. At the Bearsonian Institution, Professor Actual Factual shows the class various species of birds. Many of the birds he shows them are extinct--those kinds of birds don't live anymore like the dinosaurs. What a shame that certain birds are gone forever! There are also endangered species of birds--there are a few of them left alive. The cubs can help save those birds by protecting their habitat. Sister shows Professor Factual one of the bird pictures Freddy took. The picture shows one of the rare species of birds called a yellow popinjay. It just laid eggs. Everyone takes a close look at it after returning to Birder's Wood. When Brother and his class see Too Tall and his gang, they wonder what they are doing in Birder's Wood. Too Tall explains that he, Smirk and Scuzz are checking out their tree to make their ultimate tree fort in. Sister says Too Tall couldn't use the tree they were observing. It belongs to the yellow popinjay. She has laid her eggs in her nest. Freddy says that Too Tall should find another tree. The cubs try convincing him otherwise, but Too Tall wouldn't pay any attention or take a hint on saving endangered birds. At dinner, Brother and Sister tell their parents about how Too Tall and his gang want to use the tree with the yellow popinjay's nest to build their ultimate tree fort. The cubs have to figure out some way to show Too Tall why it's important to save endangered birds. Even Papa doesn't know what a yellow popinjay is. Sister tells Papa the whole story about what she, Brother and the other cubs saw in Birder's Wood today. Brother adds that Too Tall and his gang want to use that same tree to build their ultimate tree fort in. Building the tree fort could put the yellow popinjay and her nest in danger. Papa says that there could be a good way for the cubs and Too Tall to compromise--when both sides in an disagreement or arguement settle differences by working together and giving something up. Brother asures Mama and Papa that Too Tall is going to win. The yellow popinjays might soon be extinct. Mama is curious about what the Squire would think about the yellow popinjay. Both the Squire and his wife, Lady Grizzly, own Birder's Wood. The cubs plan on visiting the Squire and his wife to talk about their predicament with the yellow popinjay. But As Brother and Sister head for the Squire's place practicing what they want to say to him about the popinjay bird, Too Tall pops up from nowhere. He wants to tell the Squire about the tree fort he and his gang are going to build. But when Brother and Sister arrive there, they find out that the Squire and his wife have gone on a long vacation and won't be back for a month. Now what will Brother and Sister do? Poor popinjay bird! Papa could tell that the cubs didn't have any luck. He reminds Brother and Sister about A left the garden show early so she can let Papa deliver the chair. With Mama missing the end of the show and Papa delivering his chair later than usual, they worked things out. For Too Tall's tree fort, the yellow popinjay's tree is the only tree in all of Birder's Wood that's good enough...or is there another way to solve this problem? Hey! they can build an "ultimate, ultimate!" tree fort in another tree that is just as good. Papa helps out with building the even better tree fort. When Brother and Sister find Too Tall, Scuzz and Smirk, they show the plans of the ultimate, ultimate tree fort they may never have thought about building before. Sister and Brother offer to help Too Tall and his gang build it, with Papa's help of course. Too Tall says that the yellow popinjay's tree is the best place, but Sister convinces him that the new tree fort is also the best ever. So, a deal gets made. Too Tall and his gang didn't get to use the best tree in Birder's Wood (They really didn't want to do any harm to the yellow popinjay.), but they all ended up with the best tree fort ever. Not only did the cubs help Too Tall and his gang with their tree fort, they also helped the yellow popinjay bird. As for the popinjay, her eggs have just hatched. The yellow popinjay has new baby birds! Help Around the Workshop: Mama has just finished making candy apples when Brother comes into the kitchen. Brother's airplane is broken, and Papa hasn't found the glue. Papa has been looking for it for some time now. Mama thinks she and Brother can fix it together themselves. Papa says that there is more than one way to do just about anything. Mama finds something else to use in place of glue, and it works. In the workshop, Papa is still looking for the glue. Mama says Papa won't be able to find it in such a messy place, but that's how Papa likes it. It's so Papa can see everything and grab it right away. Papa finally finds the glue bottle which is now empty. He goes to the hardware store to buy some more and finish making Squire Grizzly's porch swing as a birthday present for his wife. Just then, the phone rings. Sister answers it, and it is Miss Grizzle who wants to talk to Mama. When Miss Grizzle asks Mama for some pieces to add to Lady Grizzly's quilt she's making, Mama says her shop is open and she can come by. Oh no! Mama and Papa have a problem. Papa says he'd finish the porch swing by next weekend, but Lady Grizzly's party isn't until tomorrow. Papa has to make the porch swing in just one day! Mama suggests that Papa needs some help to get the job done. Papa thinks he is in the workshop when he sees everything put away neatly. Sister convinces him that it is his workshop. Everything now has its own place to be stored whenever Papa needs anything. Papa thanks Mama and the cubs. This could save him some time on everything. When Papa hears from the cubs that Lady Grizzly's birthday is tomorrow, he says he never made a porch swing in just one day. With help from Brother in the newly organized workshop, Papa will have it done in no time at all. Mama takes Sister to her quilt shop for some help of her own. In Mama's quilt shop, Miss Grizzle comes in. Mama and Sister are prepared to give her what she needs for Lady Grizzly's quilt. Miss Grizzle gives Mama her orders, and Mama says it wouldn't be a problem to get everything. Back in the workshop, Papa and Brother have just finished cutting and measuring the parts for Lady Grizzly's porch swing. Papa tries remembering where he left his flanging rasp but decides to ask Mama if she's seen it when he couldn't find it. Brother goes to Mama's quilt shop. While Mama helps Miss Grizzle with Lady Grizzly's quilt, Brother comes in and asks Mama if she has seen Papa's flanging rasp. Mama has no idea what kind of tool it is. Brother convinces Mama to help him. So, Mama lets Sister finish business for Miss Grizzle while she's gone. Papa tells Mama about his flanging tool, and Mama finds it in no time. Mama reminds Papa to put everything back in their proper place. It turns out that Papa needs more help looking for more of his tools. Mama asks Miss Grizzle at the quilt shop if she'd have enough time to finish the quilt before the party. Miss Grizzle says she will have enough time if she can find some buttons to sow onto the quilt. Things get very hectic with Mama and Brother running from the quilt shop to the workshop and back again nonstop. Mama suggests to Papa that he'd tell her everything he needs for the swing. Even so, Papa still needs other things he needs to use to finish the porch swing in time. Now he'll never get it done in time for the party. Brother is all worn out from going back and forth in getting Mama to help Papa find his tools. Brother isn't sure which way is better; his way or Mama's way. Mama's way for having everything organized is good so Papa would know where everything is, but only if he knows where each thing is. Papa's out-of-order way is so he can see everything clearly and find what he wants, only he needs to dig around a bit to find it. Papa's way of sorting things isn't quite perfect, but it's the only way he can get the porch swing finished. Papa says there's no other way to get the job done, but Brother reminds him that there's more than one way to get something done. Perhaps if Papa puts both his way and Mama's way of organizing together, then the swing would be complete. Both ways of organizing the workshop put together make it the best way to get the job done in time. In no time at all, Papa finishs Lady Grizzly's porch swing for the party. Papa gives the Squire a call to let him know about the swing. Back at the quilt shop, Miss Grizzle finally gets Lady Grizzly's quilt done for the party. When Papa comes into the quilt shop and breaks the news that the party isn't until next weekend, Miss Grizzle seems to have gotten her schedule mixed up. She thanks Mama anyway for her help. When Mama asks Papa about the porch swing, he tells her it's been completed a week ahead. From all that has happened today, they've all learned a lesson: there is always more than one way to get something done. Papa and Brother show Mama how they got the workshop organized in both Mama's and Papa's ways. Now Papa knows better than ever about staying organized.