The Berenstain Bears

Season 4 Episode 6

Showdown at Birder's Wood; Help Around the Workshop

Aired Unknown Sep 06, 2004 on PBS



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    • Teacher Bob: Birds aren't boring at all. Even though I see you're not exactly flying high about our new topic, I wouldn't want anybody trying to duck out of assignments or chicken out of our class trip.

    • Mama: As Papa says, there is more than one way to do anything.

    • Papa: Mama has been trying to help me speed things up, but having to get her every time is slowing everything down to a snail's pace.
      Brother: And it's wearing out my feet.

    • Miss Grizzle: Lady Grizzly's birthday party isn't until--
      Papa: (Enters the quilt shop) Next weekend.
      Mama: Next weekend?! But, Miss Grizzle, you said on the phone that it was this weekend.
      Miss Grizzle: I did? Oops! Well you know me, I always get mixed up sometimes.

  • Notes

    • "Help Around the Workshop" is the last of 6 episodes on the Get Organized! DVD.

    • The Opening Rhyme for "Showdown at Birder's Wood":

      When cubs can't agree, it's always most wise
      To meet in the middle with a good compromise.

    • The Opening Rhyme for "Help Around the Workshop":

      Try it one way, then try it another.
      There's more than one way we can help each other.

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