The Berenstain Bears

Season 3 Episode 13

Slumber Party; The Talent Show

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 2003 on PBS

Episode Recap

Slumber Party: The phone rings, and Mama answers. It is Brother's cousin Fred who called to ask about a math problem they are working on at school. After Brother hangs up, the phone rings again. This time, it is Sister's friend Lizzie Bruin. Brother calls for Sister to come to the phone. Lizzie always has some big ideas for Sister. When Sister answers the call, she finds out that Lizzie has decided to have a sleepover at the Bruins' house on Saturday night. Sister gets very excited about it and asks Mama and Papa if she can go. Sister finds both Mama and Papa in the guest room. Sister gives them the exciting news about she, Millie and Anna being invited to a sleepover at Lizzie's house. At first, Sister thinks Mama turned down the idea when she really said "I don't know." Mama says that Sister has never slept away from home before, but Sister asures Mama that she once slept at Gran and Gramps for a week. Mama says that Gran and Gramps are family, and she's staying over at a friends house. After Sister tells Mama about some of the sleepover plans, Mama and Papa tell her to be on her best behavior. Since Sister has the privilege of sleeping at a friend's house, Sister is to be responsible. No matter what anyone else says or does, Sister knows she's supposed to do what's right. So, Mama and Papa let Sister go to the sleepover, as long as she promises to behavior properly. Sister just couldn't wait for Lizzie's slumber party. It's going to be so much fun! When Queenie hears about the slumber party and asks if she too can come, Lizzie says yes. What is one more cub? Then suddenly, more and more cubs get invited to Lizzie's for the slumber party. Even Too Tall wants to come for the slumber party. He is bringing his boombox to play music. But Smirk and Scuzz remind Too Tall that the slumber party is for girls only. So, Too Tall decides they can just show up anyway. Lizzie and Sister get many phone calls from more cubs asking to come over for the sleepover. As Sister packs up for Lizzie's sleepover, her parents remind her about privilege and responsibility. As Sister leaves, Mama and Papa aren't so sure if they gave the Bruins a call to be sure about the slumber party. At the Bruins' house, Sister is surprised to see someone else at the door with Lizzie. Lizzie introduces Sister to Cyndi, her babysitter. She has come to stay since Lizzie's parents have gone out for the night. Sister thinks there isn't going to be a slumber party after all, but Cyndi says the Bruins don't mind if the girls can still have their slumber party since there will only be a few guests. Cyndi says she used to have slumber parties herself all the time. Cyndi is surprised to find that more than just Millie and Anna have come over for the party. During the sleepover, the girls play tag and knock over furniture while Cyndi reminds them not to run in the house. They even have a popcorn fight, throwing it everywhere and squerting juice all over the house. They even have pillow fights. Sister tries to stop the girls, but then things get out of hand. Pretty soon, Too Tall and his gang pop in unexpectedly. When Cyndi sees that everyone is being too noisy and making a big mess of the house, she yells for everyone to be "QUIET!!!" Everyone is going to be in big trouble when the Bruins find out. That night, Mama is so disappointed and angry at Sister for not being responsible that she grounds her for an entire week. What a mess the girls have made! After all that talk about privilege and responsibility. Papa thinks it may be one of those times where one thing led to another, and everything got out of control. Had Mama and Papa found out that the Bruins were going out, maybe this would've never happened. Maybe the girls could have had the slumber party at the Bears' or they could've rescheduled it at the Bruins for another time. Mama and Papa feel they were partly responsible themselves for not calling the Bruins first before letting Sister go to the slumber party. Sister, who has overheard everything, asks Mama to "not be grounded" for one day tomorrow. She knows what she did was wrong, and she wants to make up for it. Privilege and responsiblity go for cubs and grown-ups together. The next day, Sister calls her friends to come over to Lizzie's. Everyone stops by to help clean up the mess they all made last night. Lizzie suggests that since everyone is doing such a good job, they should have a clean-up party. Sister says she'd rather not hear the word "party" for a long, long time. The Talent Show: Teacher Bob sees that Too Tall has a talent for folding paper airplanes. He asks Too Tall if he can demonstrate his talent in the upcoming school talent show. Too Tall refuses to do that. Teacher Bob asks the class if anybody would like to take part in the talent show. Teacher Bob convinces the class that they must have some sort of talent, but nobody answers the call. Teacher Bob understands that everyone is hesitating, but he strongly believes that they all have a special talent. He adds that it takes help to figure out what their talents are. Teacher Bob asks Brother to come have a talk with him. Brother says he has no talent. Brother is good at sports, but that wouldn't count as doing something on the stage. Teacher Bob asks Brother if he's good at helping others, and he also recruits Brother to be the talent scout for the show. He can help cubs find their special talents to perform in the show. Brother says he'll give it a try. Brother tells his cousin Fred about his job finding out what kinds of talents cubs have. Fred is curious how Brother will find his talent, and Brother adds that it could take some time to find a cub's talent. No cubs with talent, no talent show. The first contestant for the talent show Brother finds is Lizzie Bruin. She can stand on one leg for as long as eight minutes. Brother asks Lizzie if she could demonstrate it in the talent show, and Lizzie accepts. Fuzzy has a natural ability to do animal noises like a pig. Brother isn't so sure if pig sounds count as a talent. Fuzzy offers Brother a pickle, but Brother says "No thanks." Brother will have to think about Fuzzy for a while to decide if his pig noises count as a talent. Brother almost knocks over Freddy, who is going to the library with many books. He has two library cards. Freddy notices Stacy doing cartwheels. Brother would really like nothing more than finding someone with a special talent. Brother asks Freddy if he has any ideas of who would have such talent, but Freddy says he doesn't. After all, Brother is the talent scout. When Brother sees Freddy walking with all his books stacked on top of each other, he discovers that Freddy is good at balancing. Brother suggests that Freddy can perform a balancing act in the show. Cousin Fred is Brother's second act. Later that day, a cub named Birtha is telling Brother a story. Brother gets so intrigued in the tale, he forgets where he is. Brother thinks Birtha's way of telling stories is her talent. Birtha has no idea her story telling is talented. Brother signs Birtha up for the show. Brother goes about looking for more cubs with talent. Queenie is good at telling jokes, and Fuzzy can wiggle his ears without using his hands. Freddy says the talent show is really starting to come together. Still, Brother hasn't found his "show-stopper" yet--a cub who finishes off the show with a bang. Just then, they hear someone singing "Beautiful Dreamer". It must be the show-stopper! Freddy and Brother bump in to Too Tall. He too wants to be in the talent show. Too Tall wants to perform a big handshake. Brother is discouraged when his show-stopper got away. Freddy tells Brother not to be disappointed that the show won't have a big finish. Guided by Teacher Bob's advice that everyone has talent, Brother continues searching for his talent. After all, Teacher Bob is counting on everyone to have a talent of their own. Brother and Freddy keep searching for the mystery voice who Brother heard singing. After a while, they feel like giving up. They tried everyone around school, even the teachers. Brother hears the mysterious voice singing again, and he bumps into Too Tall once more. He wants to play the harmonica in the show, but Brother says he already has one. When Brother hears the voice singing "Beautiful Dreamer" again, he is sure who it might be. Too Tall has been singing all along! Too Tall tells Brother to scram, but Brother says to Too Tall that he has a great voice for singing. Brother asks Too Tall to be his show-stopper. In addition, Too Tall can play his harmonica. Too Tall gladly accepts. On the night of the talent show, everyone does their talents. Even everybody likes Too Tall's singing. Teacher Bob is proud of all the performers. Teacher Bob tells the audience that everyone has a special talent, and it sometimes takes a little help to find it. There is one cub, as he suspected, who has his special talent for helping cubs finding their talents--Brother Bear, the talent scout!