The Berenstain Bears

Season 3 Episode 30

The Hiccup Cure; Think of Those in Need

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 2003 on PBS

Episode Recap

The Hiccup Cure: The Bear family is just about to have breakfast. Papa has been waiting to eat Mama's pancakes. Papa and the cubs thank Mama after she serves them her pancakes. Just as Papa begins to dig in, the telephone rings. Papa answers, and it is the Squire. Mama and the cubs are surprised that the Squire is on the phone with Papa. The Squire is coming to visit the Bears' treehouse in person, but he doesn't say why. Brother thinks he is going to take the family for a ride on his yacht. Sister believes he will take them flying in his jet. Excited, Papa gobbles down his pancakes. Mama tells Papa that he couldn't eat so fast because he'll get indigestion. Sister reminds Papa of a rhyme he and Mama told her and Brother: When eating your food, remember to chew. It's not just good manners, it's healthy for you. Papa knows they are words to live by, but he doesn't have time to be eating slowly when the Squire is coming by. Just then, Papa gets the hiccups! Brother says that Papa should hold his breath. That should stop the hiccups. Papa tries holding his breath for as long as he can. When he finally couldn't hold it any longer, his hiccups have stopped--well, not quite. Sister suggests that Papa can hop on one foot while he holds his nose. If that cure doesn't work, at least they have made a new dance move. Papa is certain that cured his hiccups. Papa hears a knock at the door. It is the Squire. Papa welcomes the Squire with a bit of a hiccup. The Squire enters the treehouse. He tells Papa that he is one of Bear Country's best furniture makers. Squire needs a birthday present for his wife, and Papa has to make her a very special chair. Squire shows Papa how the chair should look like. Mama gives Papa some water to help cure his hiccups. When Papa finds out that the birthday chair should be done by tomorrow night, Papa gets a bit shocked that he almost chokes on his water. He coughs and sputters. Trying to accept the idea, Papa tells the Squire that it wouldn't be a problem. Squire invites Papa and Mama to come to his wife's party. After the Squire leaves, the cubs are excited that Papa is making a chair for the Squire and his wife. It's a great idea to go to the party, except for one thing: Building such a chair could take about a week. The cubs suspect that Papa's hiccups are gone, and Papa seems to agree. A good scare is good for curing hiccups. Papa starts working on the chair for the Squire's wife's birthday present. The cubs say that the chair looks good so far. They've even brought him some lunch. In a flash, Papa gulps down his food as he keeps working, and Sister recites the rhyme on chewing your food while eating. Papa pays no attention at all to Sister's advice. Brother and Sister offer to help Papa with the chair. Papa thanks the cubs for helping him with the chair when the hiccups strike again. With the hiccups back again, Papa couldn't hold his carving chisel steady. Sister has another hiccup cure. Papa should try holding water in his mouth while sticking his fingers in his ears. Sister says it's worth a try. Brother is curious about where Sister heard about that kind of hiccup cure, and Sister says she made it up. Sister is sure it will work, but it didn't quite work. Papa has to find some way to be rid of his hiccups. The cubs will do what they can. Wehn Mama comes into the workshop thinking Papa and the cubs are working on the chair, Brother tells her that they are trying to stop Papa's hiccups. Papa seems to be spending more time on hiccup cures than working on the chair. When Mama tells Papa that the Squire called and said that the party will be held tomorrow afternoon instead of in the evening, Papa gets shocked. Now Papa is even more behind schedule than before. He still has yet to paint that chair. Mama thinks that shocking news from Squire scared Papa's hiccups away. Papa thinks so too. By nightfall, Papa has finally finished painting the chair. He is glad to have finished at last, and he is tired too. Before Papa goes to bed, he decides to help himself to a bedtime snack: an apple. That night, Papa couldn't get to sleep. He had been eating his apple too fast. Papa's hiccupping wakes up Mama. She thinks Papa needs to see Dr. Grizzly tomorrow to see what's causing his hiccups. There has to be some reason why Papa is getting hiccups so much. Papa approves Mama's idea. Papa would hate to embarrass himself at the party with hiccups. It's going to be hard for Mama to try and sleep with Papa hiccupping and snoring at the same time. The next morning, Dr. Grizzly shows the Bear family a little about the inside of the body. The part that helps you breathe is called the diaphram, which is right below your chest. When the diaphram gets irritated, it pushes up with a jerk. It causes your breath to come out in a funny way: you hiccup. Papa is curious to know what is causing him to get hiccups. Dr. Grizzly says that they can be caused by a bothersome throat or stomach, excitement or nervousness. Eating too fast can also cause hiccups. Sister reminds Papa about the rhyme on eating too quickly. It's better and healthier to eat slowly and chew your food. At last, Papa admits he has been eating a little too fast. Mama says to Papa that he eats more like a vacuum cleaner. At the party, Papa gets excited at all the guests who are going to see his new chair he made. Papa helps himself to some appitizers while he waits. Mama sees that Papa has taken Dr. Grizzly's advice on eating slowly. Papa has decided to make healthier choices. The party is the last place Papa would want to get the hiccups. Suddenly, a fanfare sounds, which means it's time for the guests to present their gifts to the Squire's wife. Everybody is amazed at the chair that Papa made for her. Others ask Papa if he can make chairs for them, too. Mama is proud of Papa. His chair was a big success. Papa suddenly hiccups, and Mama starts to worry. Papa is just joking! Both Mama and Papa laugh. Think of Those in Need: Mama wonders how the cubs are doing on cleaning their room. Mama goes upstairs to see for herself. Sister is doing origami, and Brother is reading a Bearlock Holmes mystery. The cubs should be cleaning their room as Mama was hoping. Cleaning can't wait because the room is a mess. In fact, Papa says it looks like someone has raised a family of monkeys. Having a family of monkeys seems like fun to Brother and Sister. Mama clears her throat to grab their attention, and Brother gets the point. So, the cubs get started on cleaning their room. Brother and Sister discover that they hardly have any room for some of their things. To Brother, they need less stuff. Brother doesn't read his Hardy Bears books anymore, and he and Sister don't play with many of their games and puzzles. There are even things they don't even want to have anymore. Brother suggests they can put some of their old things up in the attic, but Sister has a better idea. They can take the things they don't need any longer to the Bears Who Care bin at the mall. Brother gets his wagon while Sister gathers the things they can donate. The wagon is too heavy for the cubs to pull with so much stuff in it. As they pass by the Bears' Retirement Home, the cubs meet with an old senior bear friend. . He is surprised at the big load they are pulling in their wagon. Now Brother has an even better idea. He and Sister can give their things away to the Bears' Retirement Home. The elderly will like the things the cubs will be donating. At the retirement home, an elderly bear named Mrs. McElder thanks the cubs for their donations. Just as Brother gets ready to go back home to finish cleaning their bedroom, he sees Sister playing a game called Dictionary Doodle with Mrs. McElder. Sister draws a picture and Mrs. McElder tries to guess what it is before the timer rings. It is time for the cubs to go home to finish their cleaning. "Come back anytime," says Mrs. McElder. Back home, Brother and Sister have finished cleaning their room at last. Now they have more space. Sister wants to do more origami, and Brother can finish reading his Bearlock Holmes book. But suddenly, Brother wonders where his book went. With Sister to remind him about how they packed things to donate to the retirement home, Brother remembers he and Sister put the book in the box by mistake. Brother decides to go back to the retirement home and tell the people what happened and ask for it back. Sister tags along with him, as usual. As they enter the Bears' Retirement Home, the old bear asks the cubs to help him do the ocean puzzle they donated. There are too many sky pieces to put together. With help from the cubs, the puzzle gets sorted out. The old gentleman bear asks if there are anymore favors he can do for the cubs. Brother explains that he and Sister donated his Bearlock Holmes book by mistake, and he asks if he's seen it. The gentleman bear tells the cubs to look for it in the lounge. Even Mrs. McElder hasn't seen it. She asks the cubs to ask around. Sister shows Mrs. McElder some of her origami skills. When Brother finds an elderly bear fixing an old clock and reading what looks like his Bearlock Holmes book, he asks if he could have it back. The elder bear asks if Brother has an old clock to fix, and Brother says he doesn't. He appologizes for the mix-up, and he asks if the elderly bear has seen his Bearlock Holmes book. The elder bear says that Mrs. Perkins loves mystery books. She might have it. As soon as Brother finds Mrs. Perkins, he asks her if she's seen his book after helping her with something. As Brother goes out on the viranda to find his book, he meets another elderly bear who happens to have it. This elder bear enjoys reading Brother's book so much. It had him guessing up to the end. He has read it years ago, and he wouldn't mind reading it again except for his poor eye sight. Brother volunteers to read it for him if he likes, and the old bear approves the idea. Brother introduces himself to the old bear whose name is Grizzly Wilson. His friends usually call him Griz for short. So, Brother read the Adventures of Bearlock Holmes aloud to Griz. Later that day, Brother and Sister tell each other about all they did at the Bears' Retirement Home. Brother has decided to have Grizzly Wilson keep the Bearlock Holmes book. Brother can come by anytime to read it to Griz. Lots of good things can happen when you give someone your old things and your extra time to spend with them.
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