The Berenstain Bears

Season 3 Episode 30

The Hiccup Cure; Think of Those in Need

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 2003 on PBS



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    • Sister: Why don't you try hopping up and down on one foot while holding your nose.
      Papa: That sounds so crazy, it just might work.
      Brother: And if that doesn't get rid of hiccups, at least we've created a new dance move.

    • Papa: I'm spending more time (hiccup) on hiccup cures than I am on finishing that chair.

    • Papa: I suppose I have been eating a little too fast lately.
      Mama: (Chuckles) A little too fast? My, you've been eating like a vacuum cleaner.
      Papa: (Chuckles) I do like cleaning off my plate.

    • Brother: Can't Sister and I clean our room tomorrow?
      Mama: Afraid not. It's too messy.
      Papa: "Messy" is not the word. (He peeks into the cubs' room.) If I didn't know better, I think you have been raising a family of monkeys in there.

    • Brother: Gee, Sis. Look at all the good things that could happen when you give someone your old stuff.
      Sister: And when you give someone your extra time.
      Brother: Right. That's even better.

  • Notes

    • "Think of Those in Need" is the 4th of 6 episodes on the Family and Friendship DVD.

    • The Opening Rhyme for "The Hiccup Cure":

      When eating your food, remember to chew.
      It's not just good manners, it's healthy for you.

    • The Opening Rhyme for "Think of Those in Need:

      When the cubs each donated some old odds and ends,
      They didn't expect to be meeting new friends.

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