The Berenstain Bears

Season 3 Episode 19

Too Small for the Team; The Prize Pumpkin

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 2004 on PBS

Episode Recap

Too Small for the Team: Brother and Sister Bear are playing their own game of soccer in their yard. Sister is excited because she will be trying out for the girl's soccer team on Monday. Brother gets surprised, and Sister gets curious. Brother warns Sister that the girls on the team may be bigger than her and Sister might not make it. But Sister convinces Brother that she's fast, she's tricky, and she kicks really hard.

On Monday, Sister is ready for the soccer try-outs. When Coach Brown finds that Sister wants to join the team, she shakes her head. Coach Brown says Sister is still too young to take part for the team, just like Brother said. Just as Sister starts to leave for home, the coach calls her to come back. Sister thinks Coach Brown has changed her mind and would allow her on the team after all. Actually, the team needs a team manager, and Coach Brown asks Sister if she'd like to take the job. Sister grudgingly accepts the position of team manager. At least Sister can watch all the practices and games. The manager, after all, is important to the soccer team.

The next day, Sister arrives at the soccer field to do her work as manager. Being team manager is a tough job for her, and Sister's perseverance doesn't go unnoticed by the coach. Sister wonders why just because she's too small for the team, she isn't too small for being team manager.

Later that day, Sister watches Papa doing some gardening. Sister wonders what Papa is putting on his corn. It is get-growing plant formula to make his corn grow faster. Sister asks Papa if she can have some of that formula so she can grow faster herself, but Papa says it doesn't work on cubs. Sister talks to Papa about her being too small for the soccer team. Sister says she'd rather play soccer than be the team's manager. Brother comes out and asks Sister if she'd like to play soccer with him, but Sister says she doesn't feel like playing. Brother asks Sister what's bothering her, and Sister explains to Brother that she's sick of being team manager. Sister considers quitting the team, but Brother tells her she shouldn't give up so quickly. Brother thinks Coach Brown might pick her for the team next season. By going to all the games and practices, Sister can learn some new soccer tips and skills just by watching the players. So, Sister decides not to quit and take Brother's advice. Papa is proud of Brother for helping Sister with her soccer problems. He makes a good MVB (most valuable brother) for Sister.

Brother and Sister go to the soccer field together the next day. Brother is impressed at how well the team plays. Sister points out to Brother that each member has her own unique skill. Some are fast, some are tricky, and some kick really hard. Even though Sister still wishes to play on the team, she will be ready for next year. Sister herself practices the soccer tricks on the field in her spare time. Coach Brown even thinks Sister's skills may come in handy as she watches her.

On the day of the big soccer game, Sister tells her team that they really have a chance of beating their apponents. Sister would do anything to be a player on the team. When Coach Brown tells the team that one of the members went home sick, she ultimately invites Sister to play in the big match. When Sister hears that she can be a player on the team, she accepts the position. Sister and Coach Brown have made each other's days. Because of Sister's practice and observing the team, she and the rest of the team win the game. Mama, Papa, and Brother are all proud of her, and so is Coach Brown. She is looking forward to when Sister can be a full-time soccer player next season.

The Prize Pumpkin: It is almost Thanksgiving, and Brother and Sister are harvesting the vegetables in Papa's garden. So many vegetables have grown this year. What Papa bear loves best about autumn is pumpkins. This year, he is growing a giant pumpkin to enter it in the annual pumpkin contest on Thanksgiving day. Farmer Ben comes by and asks if Papa can take a break from growing his pumpkin and go fishing with him. Papa accepts the offer and asks the cubs to bring his fishing gear. Ben admires Papa's pumpkins and remarks that they're "Little". Papa tells Ben that he has a pumpkin that is bigger than the rest in his pumpkin patch: The Giant. He is entering it in the big Thanksgiving Day pumpkin contest. Farmer Ben has won that contest 10 years in a row, and Papa has never even entered it before. Papa decides to forget about fishing and tend to his pumpkin. Could Papa be starting to become obsessed with having his pumpkin beat the rest in the contest?

Brother and Sister have brought Papa's fishing equipment, and Papa tells them he has made a change of plans. He orders them to put his fishing gear away. Papa talks to Mama about how Farmer Ben called his pumpkins "little". Mama is sure that Ben didn't mean it too harshly. That's because Ben has many fields of pumpkins. Still, Papa didn't like the way Ben said about his pumpkin patch. Mama reminds Papa that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to family and friends, and not about having a pumpkin be better than the rest. Papa goes out to check on The Giant.

As Papa gives his pumpkin some water, Sister shows him a turkey she made to hang on the door. Farmer Ben comes over, but Papa says he has no time to talk with him. Ben looks at Papa's pumpkin, and Papa thinks he's keeping track of the competition. Papa has even put a fence around The Giant so nobody can sneak a peek at it except for Papa.

That evening, Papa is sitting outside watching The Giant grow. Mama thinks that Papa should get inside because he should get some sleep. Papa covers his pumpkin with a blanket to keep it warm throughout the night.

The next day after Brother and Sister arrive home from school, Brother and Sister tell Mama what they did for pilgrim day. Sister won a prize for making the longest list of things she's thankful for. Brother let his cousin Fred wear a wild turkey costume instead of him. Sister is curious about what Papa is doing. Papa is talking to his pumpkin encouraging it to grow faster. When Brother tells Papa about a rumor he heard that Farmer Ben has a big pumpkin he calls The Monster, Papa decides to look at it for himself to see if it really is bigger than his. But that evening as Papa tries finding a pumpkin of Ben's that may be bigger than The Giant, he could hear Farmer Ben and his dog. Thinking they would surely catch Papa for sneaking into the pumpkin patch, Papa leaves at once.

On the day of the pumpkin contest, Brother and Papa wait for the judges to give their decisions on which pumpkins will win this year. When the winners of the contest are being announced, Papa is disappointed to find that Farmer Ben won for the 11th year in a row. Mrs. Grizzle and her pumpkin she named Autumn Beauty won second place. Papa's pumpkin won third place. Even though it was Papa's first time entering the contest, Brother and Sister are still proud of him. Papa congradulates ben for winning the contest, and Ben congradulates Papa as well. A third-place win is pretty good for a first-time entry. Papa approves of the idea, and he appologizes to Ben about being competitive with him and The Monster. Papa feels a little awful for letting a silly thing like a pumpkin contest come between him and his best friend, Farmer Ben.

That night at Thanksgiving dinner, Papa and the others try to forget about the contest and give thanks. Mrs. Grizzle and Farmer Ben are with the Bear family for dinner, too. Sister wants to say what she's thankful for. Sister says she's thankful that The Giant didn't win the contest, because it would be displayed at city hall if it did win. For now, The Giant is part of the giant homemade pumpkin pie for dessert. Papa and Ben agree with Sister. It is the biggest pie anyone has ever seen.