The Berenstain Bears

Season 3 Episode 11

Trick or Treat; Lend a Helping Hand

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 2003 on PBS

Episode Recap

Trick or Treat: Brother and Sister Bear are excited about Halloween. Their friends are going trick-or-treating with them. They are planning to go after the sun sets. The cubs, however, are scared of one place they don't want to go trick-or-treating: Widder Jones's house. She lives on Crooked Lane, and Brother has heard rumors about her being an old witch. She even turns cubs into statues. Brother has heard that rumor from Freddy, who heard it from Lenny, who heard it from Fuzzy. A black crow chases Brother and Sister away.

Mama has come home from shopping for groceries when she wonders where her cubs are. Brother and Sister are hiding, and Mama thinks she's alone when they jump out and shout, "Boo!" Mama gets surprised and a little scared at Brother's and Sister's spooky costumes. Brother and Sister offer to help Mama put away the groceries, and Mama warns them about not touching the candy. She's giving it away to the trick-or-treaters. The cubs will be gathering lots of treats of their own. Suddenly, all three hear something scary come in the house. It was only Papa trying to give the cubs a good old Halloween scare. Mama tells the cubs that things aren't what they seem at first.

Brother and Sister are making a trick-or-treat map to show where they can get the best treats. They show Mama which houses they'll go to for certain treats that everyone will give out. Mama finds the cubs missed Witter Jones's house, but Brother and Sister tell Mama they're not going there. They tell Mama that Witter Jones is a witch. Mama convinces the cubs that Widder Jones is a nice lady who loves children and quilts. It seems that Mama knows Witter Jones herself. In fact, Mama saw her at the market when she went shopping. Witter Jones is preparing a special Halloween surprise. Mama expects them to tell her all about their visit to Witter Jones's, so the cubs decide to gather their courage and go visit her house to please her. Mama advises the cubs not to judge others by how they look.

That evening, Brother, Sister, and their friends are ready to go trick-or-treating. Mama and Papa remind them to stay in the neighborhood and to not eat any treats until they get home. Everybody promises. After a while, Brother and Freddy have gathered so much candy, Freddy is getting tired of carrying his load. Sister and Lizzie have their own share.

When the four cubs look to see where they are, they find that they're on Crooked Lane. That's where Witter Jones lives. They hear something russeling in the bushes, then suddenly, someone pops out and shouts, "Boo!" It's Too Tall and his gang. That scares the four friends. They tease Brother and Sister about their costumes, and Brother asks, "What are you supposed to be? Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber?" Too Tall and his gang have come to help decorate Witter Jones' house. Brother wants to go inside to get treats, and they tell Too Tall and his gang that Witter Jones is nice. Suddenly, they all hear a wicked witch-like laugh. Everybody gets scared and they run in all directions. Brother wanders around in her yard when he sees a vampire statue. Brother thinks Witter Jones turned Lizzie into stone (Lizzie is dressed as a vampire). When he looks in the window, he thinks Widder Jones is being mean to his friends, but she is just giving them candy. Determined to rescue his friends, Brother goes inside the house. Sister, Lizzie, and Cousin Fred are already in with Witter Jones. Brother finds out that Witter Jones really is a kind old woman who loves cubs and Halloween. She has decorated her whole house for Halloween, even the bathroom. Witter Jones (dressed as a witch) gives the cubs candy apples. Witter recognizes Brother, and Brother tells her he likes her decorations.

Halloween is Witter Jones's favorite holiday. She loves to entertain cubs in the neighborhood. She hears a knock on the door, and she goes to answer it for the trick-or-treaters. When Witter Jones opens the door, she thinks no one is around. Brother finds that it's Too Tall and his gang who are about to give the cubs another scare. Witter Jones and Brother decide to get back at Too Tall and his gang by playing tricks on them with Widder Jones's decorations. First, Too Tall and his gang think that vampire bats were chasing them. Lizzie sees they are still coming back, so Witter Jones plays a ghost trick on Too Tall and his gang. The four friends laugh when they see it. Witter Jones asks if Brother would like to play one more Halloween trick on Too Tall and his gang, who are starting to get scared themselves. Brother brings out three dancing skeleton bears, and Too Tall and his gang go running off! Everybody laughs at seeing Too Tall and his gang run off like that. "Stick to the treats next year!" Sister shouts after them.

At home, Brother and Sister tell Mama and Papa their trick-or-treating experience and about Witter Jones. Papa thinks Witter Jones is a scary-looking grouch, but Sister convinces Papa that she's actually nice. "You shouldn't judge others by their looks," Sister reminds him.

Lend a Helping Hand: Brother and Sister Bear are running to Freddy's to be picked for a basketball team. They don't want to be on a losing team like they did the time before. The cubs pass Witter Jones's house, where she is trying to clear a broken limb that fell off a tree in a gust of wind the night before. It is too heavy for Witter to move it by herself. Brother and Sister offer to give her a hand. Witter Jones is amazed at how strong the cubs were, and how helpful too. That old limb will be used as logs for a neighbor of Witter Jones', Mr. Brown, to burn in his fireplace. Mr. Brown lives on Maple Street. Witter Joens says it wouldn't bother the cubs to take the limb all the way to Maple Street. Brother and Sister deliver the limb there, and Witter Jones thanks them for helping. It was Brother's and Sister's good deed for the day...maybe for the week.

Even though the cubs were running late for basketball practice, it feels good to do a good deed for someone. Just then, they find that Witter Jones is in need of another good deed. Mrs. Brooster needs a hot meal delivered to her house, but Witter's cart wouldn't go. Surprisingly enough, her house is near where Freddy lives. Brother and Sister are on the job! Witter Jones thanks them for their kindness. Witter Jones tells the cubs to bring back the containers as soon as Mrs. Brooster has finished eating. To be honest, Mrs. Brooster eats very slowly.

There's no time for doing anymore errands. Brother and Sister have to get to Freddy's before the game is over. They leave the containers on Witter Jones's doorstep so she'll know. But once again, Witter Jones is in need of more good deeds. A cat named Fluffy is stuck up in a tree. When Brother tells Witter they'll help with the cat, she is greatful to have such cubs like Brother and Sister in the neighborhood. In no time, Fluffy is out of the tree...and on Brother! Brother and Sister think Witter Jones is Fluffy's owner, but the cat belongs to the Bearisons who live past the library.

On the phone, Mama is talking with Witter Jones about how pleased she is about Brother and Sister helping her out. Just then, Brother and Sister enter their treehouse. Brother and Sister try to decide which one of them should talk to Witter Jones first. Papa is curious about what was going on with Brother and Sister. After Brother finishes talking on the phone with Witter Jones, Brother and Sister find they have other appointments they've already scheduled with their friends. Papa tells them those appointments can be rescheduled. Papa says that Brother and Sister should be proud of themselves for doing those good deeds for Witter Jones. After all, helping others is very important, and it's also a Bear Country tradition. Brother and Sister spend the rest of the day doing something fun. They've done enough good deeds for one day.

Witter Jones's attic needs some cleaning. It is such a mess up there, it would take Brother and Sister all day to finish. But if they sort things out, they can have a pile with things Witter Jones can keep and another with things she can sell at a yard sale on Saturday. Brother and Sister try to tell Witter Jones they're going someplace on Saturday. But the cubs decide to help Witter Jones out after all. While cleaning up, they find some old memories of Witter Jones's she just couldn't give up. Brother and Sister find an old radio that still works. The cubs and Witter Jones dance together until the radio turns off unexpectedly.

With the money Witter Jones makes in her yard sale, she will donate it to the library. Witter Jones asks if the cubs would like some lemonade, and they both say yes. Brother and Sister discover that Witter Jones is such a nice woman because she's always doing things for others just like Brother and Sister helped her.

On the day of the yard sale, Brother and Sister are helping out Witter Jones sell her antiques. Witter Jones has made lots of money for the library with the help of Brother and Sister. Brother and Sister thank Witter Jones for teaching them about helping others. When the cubs hear a meow, they can tell Fluffy needs more help. Brother and Sister have got more work to do!