The Berenstain Bears

Season 3 Episode 23

Visit Fun Park; The Perfect Fishing Spot

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 2003 on PBS

Episode Recap

Visit Fun Park: Brother and his cousin Freddy are playing basketball outside with Sister and Lizzie Bruin. Brother attempts to make a basket with his eyes closed, but he misses. "The wind seems to have caught it," Brother says, but Sister doesn't believe him. Mama drives up in her car to show the cubs what she got for them: free tickets to Fun Park! She got them at the supermarket. The cubs get all excited about going to Fun Park. Freddy asks if they've seen Fun Park's TV commercial. Even Papa is excited about going there. He hasn't been to Fun Park since he was a cub. Brother asks Papa what he liked BEST about Fun Park, and Papa couldn't decide between the Superwings and the Gyro. Sister thinks those were rides, but Papa says they're things to eat at Fun Park. Sister and Lizzie can't wait to go on the paddle boats and the mary-go-round. Freddy says he wants to try the bumper cars, and Brother claims he's not afraid of riding a rollercoaster called the Thunderbolt. Lizzie and Sister refuse to ride something scary like that. Brother boasts he is not scared of riding the Thunderbolt, but Mama tells him he shouldn't boast like that. Sister and Lizzie tell Mama about Brother bragging he can score a basket with his eyes closed. Mama and Sister warn Brother about bragging, and so Brother decides to boast after the ride. Papa boasts that he rode the Thunderbolt when he was a cub, so Brother and Freddy plan to master such a scary ride like that. When they arrive at Fun Park, Mama warns Papa about not spilling any food on his clean clothes. Papa asks the cubs if they would like chop suey, but they all say, "No thanks." What Sister really wants to do now is go on rides. Brother and Freddy want to get on the Thunderbolt. But when they look up, Brother and Freddy are nervous to see just how tall the ride actually is and how fast it goes. Brother decides that he and Freddy can try it later, so he and the other cubs go on another ride. While the cubs look for something else to ride on, Papa chows down on shish kebab. The cubs ride on the mary-go-round. Brother says it's a way to get him ready for the big rides. They can see Mama with Papa who is eating tacos with jalapinos. Brother reaches for the brass ring, and he gets it. For that, he earns a free ride. Brother gets a little dizzy as he gets off his horse, so he gives his free ride to Sister. Papa asks if the cubs are ready for the Thunderbolt. Brother says it's at the other end of the park, and he wants to do something else where he is now before that. Papa wants to continue eating, but Brother refuses to take a bite. Sister and Lizzie tell Mama what they've been doing. They've made balloon animals and went to a petting zoo. Brother, Freddy and Papa say they are really ready for the Thunderbolt. Freddy advises Papa that he can't take food on the ride, and Brother hasn't even finished his pizza. Papa offers to finish it for Brother. As the boys stand in line for the Thunderbolt, Brother couldn't help but overhear what the people say while getting off the ride. Brother finally admits his fear of riding the Thunderbolt. He doesn't want to ride that rollercoaster, and neither does Freddy. Papa is proud of both boys for admitting their fears. Unfortunately, Papa himself boards the ride by accident. Mama wonders where Papa is, and Brother tells her he's riding the Thunderbolt. Brother tells Sister he wasn't quite ready to take on the Thunderbolt, neither is Freddy. Mama hopes Papa will be all right after the ride is over, but Papa gets sick when he gets off. It seems that Brother and Freddy made the right decision of not riding the rollercoaster. Brother tells Freddy that when he starts to brag about something next time, Freddy should remind him about what happened the day they went to Fun Park. And when Freddy thinks he's ready for the Thunderbolt for sure, Brother should remind him about something else: never go on rides with a full stomach. Brother and Freddy go on the bumper cars. The Perfect Fishing Spot: It's Grams and Gramps anniversary, and the Bear family is planning a special anniversary dinner for them. Mama is baking a prize-winning pie with the freshest ingredients she can find. Papa is picking out the fattest worms he can use to catch the finest fish. Sister thinks Gran and Gramps are getting married again. Mama explains that a wedding anniversary is kind of like a birthday. The family wants to make it extra special this year. They are making some freshly caught fish, and Papa hopes to catch the biggest one. After all, Papa is the best fisherbear in Bear Country. For dessert, Mama will be baking bumbleberry pie, Grans favorite. Mama says that the best berries grow at the top of the bush. There is so much to do, because Gran and Gramps will be arriving at 6:00. Papa and Sister try to find the perfect fishing spot to catch the perfect fish. Sister plans to be Papa's fishing helper, because it's one of the secrets for catching the perfect fish. The hard part is finding the perfect spot for fishing. Papa gives Sister some important fishing pointers. It doesn't take too long for Sister to catch a fish. She wants to reel it in right away, but Papa says she shouldn't be in a hurry. The first fish they caught, Papa doesn't think it's quite the right one for an anniversary dinner. He throws it back in. Papa and Sister go off to find another spot to fish. Meanwhile, Brother and Mama are picking berries for the perfect pie to bake for Gran's and Gramps's anniversary dinner. Brother says the berries near the bottom of the bush are just as good as the ones on top. Brother suggests that Mama's honey cake is just as good, but Mama says she didn't win blue ribbons for baking a cake. Mama suddenly drops the berries from up high. Brother and Little Lady catch them. Brother decides that Mama is right. The best berries are the ones on top. Papa and Sister have found what they hoped would be the perfect fishing spot when they get a bite. The fish they catch is bigger than the last one they caught, but it still isn't big enough for a big dinner. Papa isn't giving up hope yet, and neither is Sister. Mama and Brother are trying to keep bees away from the honey Mama will add to her special dessert. Brother thinks it's such a silly job when baking pies. Mama says they still have yet to get more fresh ingredients. Brother has to remember that they're doing it for Gran and Gramps. Meanwhile, Papa and Sister have found another fishing spot. Suddenly, Papa catches something big. Sister reminds Papa to take it easy. Papa has hoped to catch the biggest fish he's ever caught, but it wasn't even big enough yet. Papa says he can do better than that. He even gets himself caught in his fishing net. Brother didn't think baking a pie was a lot of work, but finally it is all done. Brother couldn't wait for dinner, and for dessert. Just as they start cleaning up after cooking, they hear a crash. Little Lady has knocked over the pie! Brother guesses that she couldn't wait to eat. Now Mama is very disappointed that Gran and Gramps won't be having a prize-winning dessert. Brother tries convincing Mama that they won't mind too much if they have such a dessert like that. Their anniversary is what makes the dinner special, and that's all that counts. Whatever they make for Gran and Gramps, they'll love it. Mama believes Brother is right. Meanwhile, Sister and Papa are having troubles of their own. They go out fishing in a boat. Just then, a fish jumps in. Sister says to Papa that he didn't even need a fishing poll. Another fish jumps into the boat, and another, and another still. They have caught enough for the family when their boat starts sinking. Sister suggests they throw them back in the lake. Papa hears a boat horn, and he asks the captain if the fish belong in the lake. The captain tells Papa the fish are for the company he works for. Sister thinks they should have kept one of the fish they started with. Sister convinces Papa that they weren't catching a fish to win something. It was for Gran's and Gramps's anniversary dinner. Whatever kind of fish they catch, they won't mind. Papa understands what Sister is trying to say. Sister has an idea where the "perfect" fishing spot might be to catch the best fish for dinner. The cubs and their parents have learned something: They don't need the "perfect" anything for a big dinner, it's who you share the meal with that matters most. That's what makes it special. Brother and Sister ask Gran and Gramps how they liked their dinner, and they say it's the best one they ever had just like last year, and the year before.
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