The Berenstain Bears

PBS Premiered Sep 14, 1985 In Season



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  • The In Crowd; Fly It

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 26 - 10/20/03

    The In Crowd: When a snooty new girl named Hilary moves into town, Sister's friends want to become just like her and join her "in crowd". Hilary has a snazzy new mountain bike, all the latest fashions, and the coolest music. Feeling a bit left out, Sister decides to give up jump roping and begins to want to join the crowd. However, she doesn't seem to fit in too well. Mama tells Sister that the best thing to do is to just be herself and do the things she likes to do. Then everyone will like her for who she is. Fly It: Brother and Freddy team up to try and create an innovative flying device for their fifth grade science project. Their hopes are dashed after a series of unsuccessful test flights and they decide to give up on the whole notion of being inventors. After having a talk with veteran inventor, Professor Actual Factual, the two cubs are encouraged to keep trying and ultimately they succeed in making a balloon-propelled aircraft that impresses the entire class.moreless
  • The Summer Job; The Big Red Kite

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 24 - 10/16/03

    The Summer Job: When Brother and Sister are bored on the first day of Summer Vacation, Farmer Ben invites them to work on the farm with him. The cubs are excited by the news, but are later disappointed to discover how much work it entails. However, they also learn that hard work pays off! The Big Red Kite: With the Kite-Flying competition swiftly approaching, Brother and Sister hope to get a kite before the local store runs out. But they realize that making a kite, despite all the work, can be worth it.moreless
  • The Wishing Star; The Homework Hassle

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 16 - 10/6/03

    The Wishing Star: When Mama casually mentions the "Star light, star bright" principle, Sister takes it to heart and wishes for a certain birthday gift and a better grade on her next math test. She gets both her wishes. However, when she wishes for a pony and it doesn't materialize, Papa helps Sister understand that she really got her first two wishes all by herself. She got her special birthday gift because she'd been so helpful around the house, and she got her better math mark because she studied really hard for the quiz. Bolstered by this, Sister makes her pony wish come true by making a deal with Farmer Ben to help him pick his peas in exchange for being allowed to spend time with his retired farm horse, Princess. The Homework Hassel: Brother gets behind in his homework and Papa gets mad at him. Brother isn't allowed to watch TV, listen to music or anything until he gets caught up with his homework. Then Papa finds out that he needs to refile his taxes. With a lot of hard work, Brother and Papa both realize not to put things off. Instead of "procrastinating", they get right to finishing what's important.moreless
  • The Haunted Lighthouse; The Baby Chipmunk

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 14 - 10/2/03

    The Haunted Lighthouse: The Bears are visiting an old lighthouse that's rumored to be haunted by the ghost of it's keeper, Captain Salt. Brother and Sister team up to find out if the ghost is real or not. The Baby Chipmunk: When she adopts a baby chipmunk, Sister learns the hard way about trying to keep a non-domesticated animal as a house pet. As a baby, all the chipmunk does is eat and sleep. However, the bigger it grows the more active it gets, and the more mess it makes the more trouble it causes. Of course, none of it's intentional. That's just the creature's nature. But when it accidentally bites Papa, Sister finally realizes that if she really loves little Brown Eyes, she'll do what's best for the chipmunk and return him to the outdoors where he belongs.moreless
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