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The Berenstain Bears

PBS Premiered Sep 14, 1985 In Season



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  • Go Up and Down; Big Bear, Small Bear

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 32 - 9/10/04

    Go Up and Down: The Bears' are invited to the Bruins' cottage to do some fishing. Papa gets so excited he ignores Sister's and Brother's suggestions of preparation. Everytime a cub needs something they forget to take with them for fishing, Papa has to go up and down the steps to get it for them. The cubs all show Papa how important it is to plan ahead and list everything they might need to take. Big Bear, Small Bear: Brother gets his own key to the treehouse which causes him to think strongly about growing up. When he helps Papa with some grown-up work, Sister and the other cubs think he has no more time to play with them. Papa shows Brother that just like grown-ups, cubs have important jobs too.moreless
  • Papa's Pizza; The Female Fullback

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 8 - 9/8/04

    Papa's Pizza: When Brother and Sister invite a lot of friends over, they have trouble deciding what to make for lunch. Each friend has some foods they like and dislike, and it's hard for Brother and Sister to keep track. Papa, however, has a way that everybody can be happy and have what they want. He can make them pizza! The Female Fullback: Brother, Cousin Fred and Too Tall enlist the help of Betsy Broom to help them win their upcoming football game. Betsy, however, also has activities she needs to tend to. With help from the cubs, Betsy helps them in return with their football plays.moreless
  • Showdown at Birder's Wood; Help Around the Workshop

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 6 - 9/6/04

    Showdown at Birder's Wood: When Too Tall and his gang decide to build a tree fort in the tree home to a rare bird, the cubs try to convince them otherwise. When the cubs come up with a compromise, Too Tall and his gang end up making an even better tree fort than they even dreamed of. Help Around the Workshop: When Papa is on a tight schedule for an order of a porch swing from the Squire, Brother, Sister and Mama try to help by organizing his messy workshop, but despite their efforts, chaos ensues.moreless
  • Family Get-Together; The Stinky Milk Mystery

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 28 - 10/22/03

    Family Get-Together: The Bears hold a family picnic for Mama's side of the family. Brother and Sister see members of the Bear family that they've never even met before. The cubs end up have fun in their own ways with their new relatives. The Stinky Milk Mystery: Brother and Sister visit Farmer Ben's farm to see some piglets. When they visit the cow pasture, they forget to latch to gate up and Farmer Ben's cows wander off. Now the cubs think they have inadvertently made the cows sick because the milk tastes stinky.moreless
  • By the Sea: Catch the Bus

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 27 - 10/21/03

    By the Sea: The Bear family travels to a beach house for a vacation. The cubs are anxious to go swimming, but Mama and Papa want to get things unpacked and cleaned up before they can have any fun. Will Brother and Sister help their parents get things prepared for vacation time? Catch the Bus: Brother's tardiness causes inconvenience for many. Mama gives Brother a watch so he can be on time for important appointments, When Brother's watch goes off to go with Sister to the bookstore to see her favorite author, he puts off being on time. That's when Brother realizes that it's he who needs to decide whether he wants to be on time.moreless
  • The Summer Job; The Big Red Kite

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 24 - 10/16/03

    The Summer Job: When Brother and Sister are bored on the first day of Summer Vacation, Farmer Ben invites them to work on the farm with him. The cubs are excited by the news, but are later disappointed to discover how much work it entails. However, they also learn that hard work pays off! The Big Red Kite: With the Kite-Flying competition swiftly approaching, Brother and Sister hope to get a kite before the local store runs out. But they realize that making a kite, despite all the work, can be worth it.moreless
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