The Bernie Mac Show

Season 1 Episode 14

Back in the Day

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Feb 20, 2002 on FOX

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  • The older you get the more you forget, or at least would like to.

    Bernie realizes he can't quite do the things the way he use to as age becomes a reality he suffers memory problems, physical aches, and physical limitations. Bernie is also being hounded by the appearance of his subconscious inner old man that continually emerges at all the wrong times. One notable manifestation occurs while Bernie and his wife are engaged in private time in their bedroom at which time his inner old man appears next to the bed with a stopwatch and times him. Bernie decides recapture his youth by acting like he did when he was younger. Unfortunately Bernie can't get back what is gone and resigns himself to the fact that he is older, and that's that. So, Bernie takes it to the opposite extreme and begins to act out as if he were 80 years old, but eventually he finds the right place to be as Bernie usually does and accepts that life is just as fine as it should be irregardless of him being older. As with most of Bernie's episodes he takes us on this comedic journey that while he explores the extremes of his emotions in accepting these very real issues in life, he does so without a care for poking fun at himself, and as with the timing of his private time with Wanda he obviously has no problem in going to the extreme in getting a laugh at his own expense. This is the one of the greatest aspects of his show that he'll use himself as the joke without hesitation, and is seen as an everyday guy that you could relate to. This episode is great for any middle age guy who will at some point have to, or are, or already have gone through this process of realizing that you can't quite do what you use to, and may try to push the limits of yourself to disprove this only to ultimately accept it. But it's great how Bernie shows us how hard it can be to accept the truth only to have the truth teach you a hard lesson, but in a comedic way. Wonderful episode. and Bernie shows us again his skills at physical comedy. Great supporting cast in this episode, but most notably the visions of the old Bernie to constantly show up at the wrong times to remind Bernie, or harass Bernie, depends on how you see it.

    Peace To All.