The Bernie Mac Show

Season 2 Episode 6

Bernie Mac Dance Party

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 20, 2002 on FOX

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  • *Sadie Hawkins dance is being held at Vanessa's school. * Vanessa is reluctant to ask Bernie to go because they don't get along but Bernie. * Bernie pulls out all the stops to get Vanessa ask him. * Wanda gets an evening with Jordan,

    While playing poker Bernie finds out that there is a Sadie Hawkins dance at Vanessa's school, and it's setup for fathers & daughters. Bernie is set on going and wants Vanessa to ask him so Bernie sets out to convince Vanessa. Vanessa though isn't keen on asking Bernie she feels that they don't get along well enough together and rejects Bernie's attempts. Bernie feeling hurt over the matter and showing it prompts Wanda to approach Vanessa to have her ask Bernie to the dance, and Vanessa eventually relents. Bernie and Vanessa dress up nice and take a limo to the dance, and Wanda stays home with Jordan and Bryana. Bernie gets to the dance and decides to impress Vanessa by his upbeat, happy to be here attitude, and takes it a little to far. Bernie approaches Vanessa's favorite teacher and totally embarrasses Vanessa by totally giving him to much praise about how Vanessa feels about him, and how all she talks about is him as her favorite teacher to the point of annoying other family members. Vanessa being extremely embarrassed of course relays her feelings to Bernie. In an attempt to make amends with Vanessa, Bernie goes on to his next disaster by having the DJ play a song dedicated to Vanessa for them to dance to. Bernie then takes it upon himself to announce and dedicate the song in true Bernie Mac style only to find himself standing alone on the dance floor being starred at by everyone while Vanessa has slipped off to hide. Bernie finds Vanessa hiding out in the bathroom where she expresses how embarrassed she so Bernie decides it's time to leave. Meanwhile, Wanda at home with Jordan and Bryana throws a pizza in the oven and reads to Bryana while Jordan sits bored. Unfortunately the last page is torn out and Wanda can't complete the story leaving Bryana upset with Jordan teasing about the ending upsetting Bryana further. Wanda sends Jordan off to another room unfortunately Jordan goes to the basement, and proceeds to create a whole new mess of problems. Jordan, playing with a spray paint can, manages to break the top of it causing yellow paint to spray out everywhere and attempts to hide the can in the dryer with Wanda's expensive sheets. Wanda catches Jordan and is about to bust a vein in her forehead when she sees what he's done. Back at the school Bernie makes amends with Vanessa and they decide to compete in dancing contest coming in second place, but building a closer bond in the process. When Bernie and Vanessa return home the find the Fire Dept. there due to Wanda forgetting about the pizza in the oven, and well you can figure it out. Jordan though happy about how things turned out because he got to ride on the fire truck, and wear a fireman's hat. Bernie and Vanessa were able to strengthen their relationship, and allowing Vanessa to respect her Uncle a little more. Wanda on the other hand probably came to appreciate Bernie more after her night with Jordan. All and all another great episode watching Bernie progressively trying to impress Vanessa so he could get invited, and watching him fail to impress. Classic Bernie Mac at the dance trying to impress, and not afraid open up in front of others. Of course typical Vanessa pushing Bernie away, rejecting all of his attempts to have fun with her, seeing him as an embarrassment rather then appreciating him for trying. Yet in the end it was good to see her get past that and have a good time with her uncle. As for Bernie even though he was hurt by Vanessa he didn't give up even when it seemed as though he was, and as a result the payoff strengthening his relationship with Vanessa made it worth it. As for Wanda's evening well what did you expect with Jordan and his mischievous self, enough said. Take care.

    Peace To All.