The Bernie Mac Show

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 30, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Bernie Mac signs up for a carpool because he'll only have to drive *his* kids to school twice a week. Unfortantely, he soon learns that he must drive other kids as well.

Bernie Mac then lays down some rules: no breaking wind, complete silence (except for a thank you at the end of the ride), and be on time (after 15 seconds, no ride). One of the kids, Kevin, keeps writing everything down on a notepad.

Later, the kids make fun of him, including Jordan. Bernie Mac is very upset, and sets up a playdate between the two.

While Jordan still makes fun of Kevin at school, he tries to be nice on the playdate. Bernie Mac later invites Kevin's parents to dinner, only to learn that they are very boring. It gets so bad that when Kevin's dad plays poker with Bernie and Bernie's boys that he only uses nickles to bet (and even goes off on speeches on different nickles). They only get through 6 hands in 3 hours!

One night, Kevin sleeps over and happens to overhear Jordan wetting the bed. The next day at school Kevin makes Jordan be nice/defend him 24/7 or else he'll tell everyone he wets the bed

Later that day, when Jordan brings Kevin home, Bernie Mac decides to stop the playdates so he won't have to put up with the boring dad anymore.

But it all comes to end one day in the car when the kids keep flicking Jordan's ear so much that Jordan doesn't care if Kevin tells the kids of his problem. And when it is revealed Bernie Mac is very upset at Kevin for blackmailing Jordan and bans him from the carpool.

But a short while later, Kevin's dad comes over and makes Kevin apologize. Bernie Mac threatens Jordan to not accept the apology and when Jordan does, Bernie demands to know why he accepted and Jordan says that he said to be nice to him earlier.

Thus everything's made up, Kevin's dad shows Bernie Mac a wine case, which starts another long boring afternoon for Bernie Mac, all of which was started by carpooling.
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