The Bernie Mac Show

Season 5 Episode 13

Exercise In Fertility (1)

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 2006 on FOX



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    • Bernie Mac: (talking to the camera) America, I feel so bad for my wife. See, she wants this baby more than anything, and I know this is going to sound a little horrible, but every time the test comes back negative, part of me is a little bit relieved, just a little bit. See, each time we do it, it's like writing a check. That's right. It's like I'm writing a little check, and Wanda cashes that check, my life is going to forever change. I mean, it's going to be different, and I like my life, America, and I don't want it to change!

    • Bernie Mac: (talking to the camera) America, remember when I told you that, when those pregnancy tests came back negative, I was a little bit relieved? I don't feel like that. This hurts. Up until now, the idea of having a baby -- I couldn't really wrap my mind around it, you know? But now, the idea of never having a baby, of not being able to have? That, I can't wrap my heart around. America, I never thought I'd feel like this.

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