The Bernie Mac Show

Season 5 Episode 15

Fantasy Football

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Jan 27, 2006 on FOX

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  • Bernie and Jordan play fantasy football, meanwhile Bryana takes the idea of putting on her face to new levels!

    I can't say how happy I am to say that Bernie Mac is back! The past few episodes were dry and non-comedic; very much unlike the Bernie Mac we saw in the first and second seasons. Though he still has a way to go before resuming his funny role, I am glad that Kellita Smith has been given more of a motherly role to these children, instead of as a bobble head. The subplot with Bryana's make-up made me laugh so hard, I could hardly breathe. I love this show, and cannot hide my excitement concerning the turn it has taken for the better. I only hope that Fox will stop moving this show around so it has a chance to stick around.