The Bernie Mac Show

Season 5 Episode 7

For Whom The Belt Tolls

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 04, 2005 on FOX

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  • I think they should have done this one earlier, especially considering that Vanessa's really growing up.

    In yet another attempt to gain control over the kids, Bernie gives Wanda his "big" mamma's belt to whip some sense into them, after they get very routy and carelessly cause a vase to break. The side story features Bernie Mac getting the works of the state of the art entertainment system in his study.

    While both stories seemed filling/funny, they seemed original. I'd have rather seen this belt theme if they had aired it once the show started.

    But even then I think the belt is 20th Century (more like 1970s at the latest), and people need to deal away with it now. Mainly one reason why I'd have rather seen this episode earlier is the fact that Vanessa is nearly an adult now (at least it seems like she's growing up from the past few episodes I've seen).

    Although I admit, I cracked up every time Wanda snapped the belt so hard, it created a wind so hard that it knocked the garden guy's hat off who was standing from across the yard. Plus the little disco video act with her in the belt was okay too, but kind of cheesy like 1970s, and once again this is 2005.

    Lastly, Wanda's a monster in this episode. After she considered giving up the belt, Jordan got her upset (for faking his injury to the hospital) and then she made believe she forgave him by teaching him how to play golf. Instead she had it so Jordan (WARNING SPOILER) hit the ball into Bernie's study window so it'd break his brand new TV deluxe system (which was also funny how the sparks/smoke came out of the tiny hole from the TV) and then gave Bernie the belt back so he could beat him.

    I'd have liked it better if she scolded him (Bernie) for spending so much money on the TV deluxe system and whipped him with the belt for that.