The Bernie Mac Show

Season 3 Episode 5

Hair Jordan

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Jan 04, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

Bernie notices that Jordan needs a hair cut and takes him to the barbershop he hangs out at all the time. Jordan reacts with fear when he see the adults in aggressive interaction. Bernie explains to Jordan that this is how men act.

Bernie see the need for Jordan to hang out around men to learn how men act and interact.

"Put some hair on his chest." So to speak. After a few visits, Jordan becomes relaxed around the barbershop. One day he tells a story about a racoon getting on the property, making the guys laugh and Bernie proud. Then he goes too far and repeats some of the statements Bernie made about the barbers while they were at home.

The barbers get angry and Bernie is dismissed from the shop for good.

Meantime, Wanda and the girls leave the house and hear the smoke detector malfunctining. She is determined to fix it herself.

"Anything men can do we can do"

After several tries the family ends up sitting in the dark. Bernie ask what happened to the lights and Wanda confesses that she was wrong and Bernie was right. She cannot fix the smoke detector and she should have let Bernie fix it in the first place.

Bernie replies "Baby I told you to call (name of electric company), they wired it in the first place. I'm a comedian, ain't nothing funny about electricity. I don't play with GOD!"

The next day Bernie is playing poker with the guys when he received a phone call. Jordan has caught three buses to the barbershop to apologize and make things right for Bernie.

Bernie pulls Jordan to the side to talk to him but Jordan things he is about to get a spanking.

"Boy what you doing? I don't what to whup you I just want to talk."

Bernie is allowed back to the shop and Jordan allows the barber with the shaky hand to give him a hair cut. The show ends with Jordan screaming OUCH.