The Bernie Mac Show

Season 1 Episode 17

If I Were N-Riched Man

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Apr 03, 2002 on FOX

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  • It's hard being Bernie Mac but yet just funny to watch his bundle of triple chaos.

    Bryanna over hears Uncle Bernie and Aunt Wanda talking one day and learns a new but very dirty word. The N-word. It was so funny to see her learn it, especially with the descending counter at the bottom of the screen "new word coming in, in X words" and then arrow points at Bryanna saying "new word".

    Bryanna then uses it at school one day and Bernie is called in to be informed of this. The adminstrator believes she got it from Bernie, and warns Bernie to watch his words now that he has three kids living with him.

    Like usual, Bernie Mac gets all stressed and bent out of shape. One day, while picking Bryanna up Jordan gets under Bernie's skin and explodes just as the same adminstrater walks Bryanna to the car. So now they have to get a worker out to visit Bernie Mac every day to see how his temper's been. :-)) We literally see a full week's report.

    Finally, we see Bernie ease off (even when the kids get into a candy fight at the grocery store one day) and the case worker gets impressed. But then, (Warning: Major Spoiler Coming Up) Bernie learns that he can do and say what he wants when the case worker's there. So he lets out all his frustration for a full 68 minutes, that the case worker gives up and quits.

    In the end Bryanna learns another dirty phrase and uses it at school.

    This episode had the best/most little captions at the bottom I've ever seen so far. That's one of the best parts of the show and why I watch it. I love those little caption things.
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