The Bernie Mac Show

Season 5 Episode 19

It's Never As Bad As the First Time

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Apr 07, 2006 on FOX

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  • Classic Bernie Mac Show.

    This show always works best when Bernie is interacting with the kids, and in this episode Bernie takes a special interest in Jordan's love life given that Jordan is dating a cheerleader. I've always enjoyed Bernie Mac's desire see Jordan turn out to be a "Prototypical Mac", so to say. His feelings having been made known about the boy being soft, as Mac would put it, so when Jordan starts dating a cheerleader Bernie swells up with joy and Mac pride at Jordan's relationship. Bernie of course comes in with advice for Jordan's relationship, and this also allows Bernie to gloat a bit over Jordan dating a cheerleader. Unfortunately Jordan's relationship with the cheerleader doesn't last that long causing Jordan to become heartbroken, and this leads to Jordan desperately trying to reconcile his relationship with his girlfriend all the while concealing the status of his failed relationship from his Uncle Bernie. Bernie while picking Jordan up sees Jordan's ex-girlfriend with another boy, and breaks the news to Jordan all the while sympathizing with Jordan's heartbreak. Eventually Jordan comes clean with Bernie, and Bernie is there for Jordan. Another story running under this main story is Bryana hanging out with big sister Vanessa and the affect that's having on her. Needless to say Bryana's not ready to hang with the big girls yet, and that become obvious by the end of the episode. As for Jordan, he gets his heartbroken, and the thing that stands out is that his Uncle Bernie is with him all the way through to the end, whether giving him advice, cheering him on, or consoling him Jordan knows he can count on his Uncle Bernie to be there for him. And really aside from the comedy this show is about family, and being their for one another. Bernie Mac has proven himself time and time again with his comedy, and also does his best to provide a life lesson for family, another great episode. Take care.

    Peace To All.