The Bernie Mac Show

Season 5 Episode 6

Night of Terror

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 28, 2005 on FOX

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  • Night of Terror is totally one of the best Bernie Mac episodes of all time. It's totally true and classic on how they had Jordan play.

    After Jordan turns 13 years old, he's eager to recieve the priveleges he's been awaiting. Such as staying up one hour later.

    But yet, he doesn't act mature enough for 13 (typical macho teenager). He gets into a outrageous fight with Byranna, which causes toothpaste to go all over the walls (much worse than even for a 12 year old). Bernie warns him to act more mature. So the next morning, the he secretly gets back at her. But eventually (of course), Bernie catches Jordan and punishes him.

    One night, Jordan asks Vennessa (someone older) how she deals with Bernie's orders and Bryanna's/Jordan's teasing. Vanessa says she just tunes it out.

    Jordan tries this, but still feels compelled he has to have the last lick, so he goes into his closet to scream his frustration out, which is truly classic. Bernie doesn't even know this and sees that Jordan's behaving so, he gives him his things back except a movie called "Nights or Terror" because he thinks Jordan's too young for it. Jordan caves in and makes a quick trip to his closet to scream the frustration out, and then after exiting he finds Vanessa there saying, "You can't keep doing that. It's not healthy."

    An oppertunity for Jordan to watch the movie arrives when Bernie and Wanda go out one night, only to find Vennessa has an SAT class. Bernie decides to give Jordan a chance of watching Byranna. But all Jordan can think of, is watching the movie while they're gone.

    And of course, he does that. Byranna catches him and tells him Bernie said no, but Jordan just shoes her away. Byranna's mood goes from tattle to caring as she soon brings Jordan ice cream, but Jordan still shoes her away.

    Later though, a big thunderstorm cuts the electricity out and wind causes these toys tied to a tree to scrape against the roof. Jordan gets scared (from watching the movie) thinking that zombies are coming to get them. He arms himself with a baseball bat, and sees someone trying to enter the font door. Jordan batters up and just as the door opens he swings and winds up hitting Bernie Mac.

    Later that night, Bernie scolds Jordan for watching the movie, but yet on the other hand is proud that Jordan was trying to protect his sister. So maybe Jordan has learned something.

    I really loved the part where Jordan screams in the closet (that's pratically me). I was rofl when I saw the toothpaste on the bathroom walls.

    So how can Uncle Bernie stay mad at Jordan for watching the movie? What's best about the show is that they always find a way to prove their right to Bernie Mac.