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  • I grew up to Bernie Mac

    I remember I used to listen to bernie mac in Chicago on the streets and This show is life. I've watched all 104 episodes and the reruns and I'm soo happy that the bernie mac show is on Netflix. I might be 12 but, Bernie Mac is life. Macman. And Im happy Im related to Jeremy Suarez who played Jordan. I honestly can't believe how some people can say mean stuff about Bernie. 2003-2006, I was very little and I used to laugh ashell at The Bernie Mac show. My mom thought that there was something wrong with me. I went to his memorial service and it was a long ass day and it was very hot. Who You Wit? I'm with bernie mac.
  • I Miss This Show

    Absolutely Hilarious!
  • This show stinks.

    Sitcoms are all the same. Only this is one of the worse sitcom on the air. Berne Mac is annoying, ugly, and cannot act to save his life. The plot of this series stinks and they have some of the worst gimmicks yet. It is amazing to see what can go on the air. Please remove it and replace it something... else. Anything else.
  • a really good funny tv show and its sad that bernie is no longer here in the world he was really funny

    the bernie mac show it stared out with them taking in the 3 kids and bernie would always have trouble dealing with them and venessa would always give him problems becasue she did not like him that much and was always inbarest by him and the son had some issues like he like the ribben sport instead of basketball and other things that bernie felt imbarest by him too. berie would always kinda do the typical things a tv dad would do make bad desions and the wife would have to go fix them and other things the show was hiliorious on alot of acations.which is why i gave it a 8
  • It was always funny.

    The Bernie Mac show was just hilarious. I couldn't imagine how much I thought it was funny, because usually I don't like too many comedies. But this show was funny. Bernie Mac was a great lead for this series and the entire cast played off oneo another so well. They had really good chemistry. Jordan had to be the funniest character aside from B-Mac. Wow, he just cracks me up with all of his whining and complaining. He also isn't the brightest kid on the block, but that makes him funnier. Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch the Bernie Mac show because of its ability to be funny without trying too hard. Thank you.
  • Talk about a family show! This should certainly awaken and inspire your funny-bone. Bernie Mac has his own unique style, like no other. You may even see it as a modernized Bill Cosby family, in Bernie Mac style. Magnificent!

    Bernie Mac's style is so unique. He makes me laugh everyday, watching reruns of the BM Show. He comes across so gruff and crusty but it always comes out with a thoughtful and caring lesson in loving and guiding your children and family through this uncertain world. And many of his skits are developed from his own life's story-line. He actually did take in his sister's three children. And his grandmother was a big force in his growing up. I believe the reference he made regarding the time was talking with his grandmother, who was very ill. And out of her tears, he saw her joy as she was turing her focus to a Bill Cosby episode. It was then and their that Bernie Mac decided he would become a comedian and bring such joy and relief to others. This is what I get and feel with every episode of the Bernie Mac Show. And it is the force that drives his TV series. And such a wonderful escape.
  • This was one of the last good shows that there was on TV. Now there is nothing but teenage gossip shows.

    I miss this show so much, I am buying all the DVDs. What is great about this show, is I only have Season 1 DVD, but so far, I can't watch this season enough!
    His humor is way more than a step over any similar show and the character dynamic has never grown old. The hate-love-hate between Uncle Bernie and 'Nessa is priceless, but the squeaky voices from Bryanna and Jordan are the better part of why Bernie's attitude is hilarious, since they are only little kids.
    One can never seem to choose one episode to be their favorite, especially when they can barely choose one favorite on a single DVD disc.
  • who u wit

    the bernie mac show is about bernie and his wife wanda taking care of his sisters kids named bryanna,jordan and vannessa.for starters i would beat all three of them kids asses if they were my kids.bernie took them into his custody in californa from chicago so they can have better lives.jordan and bryanna cause destruction to the house.vannessa is a stuck up, disobeying, loud mouth, have it your way, kid.she acts like that she raised her siblings for a few years that she deserves everything she desire.But most of the time bernie do be tripping.vannessa cant never go no where of have friends over...well male friends.if it wasnt for wanda letting the kids get loose they'll be bored. most of the time the storyline is about how vannessa feels and how she gets treated like a baby but this show is worth the watch
  • I just love it

    I just love this show.I love is show because bernie mac be making some funny comment that vanessa,baby girl and jordan be girl act like she dont be doin anything but she be doin thing behind bernie back.Vaneesa some think that she is grow and she get smart with bernie and bernie have to tell her remeber that he is ther adult.Jordan be doin thing to vanessa and baby girl that bug them and they want to beat him up. bernie mac think that the soluition to any probelm is to beat the child. I just think that bernie mac know best for them children. That is all from me..................bye see ya later
  • 10
    I record both segments of reruns every night and watch them every night. I was not able to watch them before they were cancelled. However, the humor is unmatched. This show should have never been cancelled. I have Bernie Mac Show withdrawals on the weekends. Somehow, either the writers run out of things to write about or the show is too successful, because it seems that just when an African American show is at it's peak it is cancelled. But what can I say? Only in "AMERICA"! This show has me ROFL. I have never laughed so hard in all my life. My 14 year old comes running in the room to see if I am ok. He has never heard me laugh to this degree before. I love you Bernie for giving me the gift of laughter once again. Especially the episode when you were trying to get the kids out the house on Saturdays. LOL!!!! That show was hilarious!
  • the bernie mac show,a nuclear family that anyone would want to join

    sorry i just discovered this show after it's cancellation.

    what a great , family, funny show this is and a great source

    for family discussion.this little old caucasian grandmother

    loves bernie mac!

    the show with nessa and her crack mother,where bernie shared

    his own "dad's" failings with tears in his eyes should

    have won an emmy!i only hope that their may be a future

    reunion type show as i'd love to see this great family back where they belong.either way,i am stayingup way beyond

    my bedtime to catch all the reruns.bernie,i hope God continues to bless you for the joy you have brought to people.thank you again .
  • Great show

    I have always been a fan of Bernie Mac's stand up comedy. But when I found out he was going to be given a sitcom of his own, I did not know how well it was going to work.

    After all some of his act is not what most would consider family friendly. But I was suprised to see that his show turned out great. I loved the way he interacted with the children in the show and the way his character tried to intimidate them.

    It was very interesting to see what kind of trouble Bernie or the kids would find themselves in every week. Too bad the show did not last longer. At least it lives on in syndication.
  • Solid show, I think it should be brought back.

    The Bernie Mack show was a good show, featuring an uncle taking care of three children, one young, one middle aged,and one a teenager. I just think that some of the plots are repeated though, like for instance Jordan does something wrong and uncle Bernie goes irate, and later the problem is resolved. I just thin there should be other plots, like family vacations or something a bit different. I thin Bernie Mack is great and so are all the other characters, it is just that the show was not played enough in order to achieve and maintain good ratings. The show is however enjoyable and good for the family.
  • This show is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Bernie Mac Show is about Bernie and his wife, Wanda, raising three of sisters three kids.The oldest, Vanessa, that can't stand Bernie and vs. The middle child, Jordan, the nerd. And finally, Bernie's favorite,the youngest, Bryanna(baby girl). Wanda is Bernie's smart and booshy wife.Bernie talks from his den, to America. It is so funny. I especially like the little yellow arrows pointing to everything.I also like when Bernie and Nessa fight. That is so funny when they do. And baby girl gets away with anything. I wish this show still had new episodes.
  • JORDAN. that makes me laugh so much.

    Ah the Bernie mac show. i love this show so much. Your a top comedian. Then you take in your sister's kids. One bratty, one annoyiing and one being...well being a teen. I like this show because it shows the hardship and fun of being a father figure. And the negatives of once living a ghetto live. i love to see Jordan cringe when Bernie yells his name. Those three cause so much misheif. And Wanda representing as the mother figure. This show is a classic. Maybe as good as the Cosby show. good comedian+kids= good show that I'll watch over and over again.
  • Oh LORD!!

    I love this show and am so glad that they have it in syndication. I actually started watching it after it was cancelled. Bernie Mac is hilarious as the guardian of his three trouble making nieces and nephew. I love his old Southern country approach to the children. Jordan is my favorite character! That little boy was a mess. I love when he goes into his asthma attack or throws a tantrum. Lol, my favorite ep is when Bernie Mac tried to teach him to stand up for himself and he started bullying people.\"I don\'t play, I don\'t play!\" and then Briana Bslapped him. Classic!Lol.
  • I love Burnie Mac. This show has every thing. A great lesson, comedy and some serious moments. The kids are great they all have there little personality\'s and the love that Barnie and his wife have for each other is great.

    Every show is up to date with what is going on in the world today. Nessa as Burnie calls her is going though thing that we see young people going through today. The show about his birthday and her remembering not to ride with some one that had been drinking was heart touching.
  • Cool show

    It was a funny show, but not LOL funny. Bernie Mac , to me, is only mildly humorous a a comedian. He's a bit too abrasive for my taste, but not in a good way!

    I liked the Vanessa and Jordan charcters. Bernie and fam were a strong family unit, and the love they had was genuine. Beyond that, there was nothing remarkable about the Mac man's show. I hope that the actors on this show (ALL) go on to very successful futures. Even the youngest child was quite effective in this roll. I think the show would've worked more if we could've gotten used to Wanda and Bernie's characters as a married couple without the kids, and also seen where the kids come from. That would've made the blending of the two families much more glaring.
  • I need this show for my night to go right. I can relate to it so well. I have a child (and niece's and nephew's too)and it feels good to know that even celebrity parents can get fed up with their kids every now and again.

    I recently found out that "The Bernie Mac Show" was getting pulled and Tyra's show was in its place. I am utterly and completely devastated. Bernie is hilarious, he was and still is the king of comedy. I was elated when he finally got his own show. I also like the way he slips in a few old jams. If I knew that lame ol' Tyra show was taking his show's place I would've commented long time ago. Please tell me what to do in order to stop this madness. I enjoy watching Bernie even when he was on "Def Comedy Jam" and I want to continue watching (even if it is in syndication) at 5:00 and 5:30 Monday-Fridays on the formerly WB soon to be CW. Thank You.
  • Please Bring this show Back!!! It is a show that makes you laugh when you are down!!! I love this show, why did they have to take it off!!! Bring it Back! Bring it Back!! Bring it BACK!

    This show is definitely underated, it is a classic. I don't think this show should have been canceled. I didn't watch T.V., until I caught a glimpse of the show! I became addicted. I think they should bring it back, There is no reson it should have been canceled. If you want families to start back watching T.V. Bring back this good clean Comedy.
    Bring The Mac Clan Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • To bad they cut the show it was very interesting and funny like hell. I used to never watch comedy but The Bernie Mac Show made me watch comedy. I didnt even see the series finale I hope it was good.

    Great show i hope they bring another show like this one. Sometimes i hated the kids. Its a shame they cut the show wish they didnt. i hope bernie makes a movie or something. I think the way they had a lot of celebrity guest apperiences was a great idea.
  • The Mac-Man Cometh!

    I may have never watched 'The Bernie Mac Show' if not for the block of shows played when I get off of work. To be honest, I was not impressed upon my first few viewings. Bernie Mac was just the show in between two of my other favorites, 'King of Queens' and 'That 70's Show'.. However, Mac has grown on me and I am now a religious viewer of one of the Original Kings of Comedy. I think the show is so enjoyable to me because it is based off of Mac's standup comedy routine and much of it from his personal experiences. There's no doubt Bernie Mac is the King of Comedy, which explains the longevity of this successful show. If at first you don't like this show, give it a few tries, you'll grow to love it..I promise ~KD
  • Funny but Underrated!!

    This is a funny show
    Though a bit underrated
    I love Bernie Mac and after this show is done
    I predict he will be even a bigger star
    Following in the footsteps of his counterpart
    Cedric the Entertainer
    Great show about a family
    As well as moving in after their parents die
    Wonderful writing and acting
    Makes this show a treat to watch
    Glad that the show is on and hope that it will be on for many seasons to come!
  • A segment based loosely on his life, comedian Bernie Mac brings his comedy to family t.v. - and succeeds.

    The Bernie Mac Show is belly aching laughter and entertainment for the entire family. When you hear the name 'Bernie Mac' you might have an instant flashback of the edgy comedian busting thru censorship limits as an Original King of Comedy. And with such flashback you wonder - "How can HE possibly do family t.v.?"

    But if you know Bernie Mac, you know he's not only a talented comedian but actor who birthed his family style of entertainment with a regular guest role on UPN's Moesha. So being family-friendly isn't that difficult of a task.

    The Bernie Mac Show has a great cast lineup. The children are lovable, entertaining and easy to relate to and Bernie's partner in parenting the lovely Wanda Mac (played by Kellita Smith) holds her own weight on the show as well.

    There's much potential for the show. It rarely disappoints and provides easy to relate to story lines for both the parent and non parent to laugh to.

    If you're searching for a good show with lots of laughs that you and the family can enjoy - give "The Bernia Mac Show" a quick look. Afterall America Bernie Mac says what you're scared to say! :-)
  • Gives me hope for sitcoms.

    The Bernie Mac Show is just a great show. Plain and simple, the cast is great, and the stories are better. The fact that the show doesn't take itself too seriously is what gets me...there are no "Very Special Episodes" or episodes that are blatantly obvious to get the viewer to cry...just good humor.

    That's all i ever ask for in a sitcom...and if you do too, check this one out.

    The best part of this show is that fact that race does not play a part of it. Any person, male, female, black, white anyone can watch and enjoy this show, that seems to be the problem with more sitcoms that are headed by black actors.

    Great show.
  • Good show about a good comedian.

    I'm glad this shows still on the air, I've heard many rumors about it getting cancelled.
    The Bernie Mac show is a funny show. It's great
    when Bernie talks to America, it usually brings a couple of good laughs, and it's hilarious when Bernie threatens to whoop, and yells at the kids. The show is about Bernie Mac having to take care of his sisters kids who's in prison for drug-use. The kids Jordan, Vanessa, and Bryanna, the kids bring good stories to the show, and often rise Bernie's blood pressure. The Bernie Mac show is a good show, I hope it lasts for at least a couple more seasons.
  • A great show about a black man.

    I am always glad when the race barrier can be torn down and someone other than an annoying steryotipical honkey [I am white] gets a show that people watch. Bernie Mac is a great comedian and the show is great to. Also there is a intresting concept where Bernie talks to "America" which usualy delivers good laughs. Far more deserving than to be killed thei year, keep Bernie Mac going!
  • One of the worst shows I have ever seen. Sorry but it's the truth.

    First of all, i can't understand a word they are saying, im not being racist but they need to speak properly or ennunciate o_O.

    When I do understand, im not laughing.
    I have nothign against Bernie Mac, hes a cool guy just the show isn't funny at all.

    The son is a really annoying character. For a smart kid he is really stupid...and that isn't funny.

    I don't reccomend this show to anyone i know, since it probably isn't for my age group, that would explain why I hate it.
  • its allrite

    i dont really enjoy but i'll watch it if the mood strikes yknow its not bad he can be funny at times like whn hes beatin the hell outta that little kid i like how he talks to the camera in those little parts they are the funniest parts

  • A happy successful AfRIcAN AMErIcAn but not perfect family. I love them, since the Cosby show, I\'ve hoped that more positive portrayals would be available to our kids and network executives should know that we care for our children and some of us employ

    I Love It. I Love The Characters and the plot lines. Give me something that I can relate to. Something that makes sense and not some of the crazy mess that\'s on tv today. Bernie Mac makes me laugh and so do the kids. And we want more Black Positive characters portrayed on television.
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