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FOX (ended 2006)



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  • Bernie Mac is funny, funny, funny. I am hooked, and glad I stumbled on the show's reruns, thank you WB.

    This is one fantastic show. Bernie Mac is convincing as a Dad, although he's the kids uncle, he has taken on the role of Dad in lieu of his sisters inability to parent her children due to personal addictions. In comes Bernie Mac who takes on the responsibility along with his wife Wanda, (played by Kellita Smith). The shows ensemble cast is perfectly matched, and the children played by; Camille Winbush .... Vanessa "Nessa", Jeremy Suarez .... Jordan Thomkins, Dee Dee Davis .... Bryana "Baby Girl" Thomkins, listed oldest to youngest, are fantastic match to challenge Bernie. Truly a wonderful show filled with laughs as well as manages to touch on serious subject matter. The beauty of it is that Bernie even having been saddled with the responsibility that he hadn't planned on rather opting for a life without children where he and his wife are more free to focus on their careers takes on the children as a matter of family obligation and responsibility in doing what's best, and right for the children. Yet, even as awkward as it may be for the children to up and move from Chicago to Los Angeles to live with their uncle as it is for Bernie to raise children having had no experience nor ever planning on ever raising children, Bernie takes on the responsibility. Things manage to fall right into place fine, although at times along the way Bernie fumbles up a little, yet he always manages to recover fine. The children albeit an adjustment for sure, manage to adapt to Bernie's parental role rather well although the oldest is the one to challenge him as a parent the most from the beginning, but even so she comes to accept him as a parental figure. Bernie manages to father the children without assuming the role of father rather to keep himself as Uncle Bernie, in title only, so that the children will see their Mother one day again and know that is their Mother. Touching on that subject only rarely as the Mother is considered in Chicago and has no regular physical contact with her children though it's assumed contact is periodically maintained by phone. On various trips to Chicago the show doesn't bring the Mother into the show as she is struggling with her addictions, and in rehabs. All throughout the show Bernie Mac manages to convincingly maintain one very important theme that is always powerful, and that is "Family Sticks Together No Matter What". No matter his and Wanda's career, nor whatever situation that arises with the kids, nor any inconveniences that is imposed, family comes first and foremost, and that is theme we can never get too much of. Great job to the writers, producers, and cast for a great family comedy show, great job Bernie Mac.
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