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FOX (ended 2006)





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  • A segment based loosely on his life, comedian Bernie Mac brings his comedy to family t.v. - and succeeds.

    The Bernie Mac Show is belly aching laughter and entertainment for the entire family. When you hear the name 'Bernie Mac' you might have an instant flashback of the edgy comedian busting thru censorship limits as an Original King of Comedy. And with such flashback you wonder - "How can HE possibly do family t.v.?"

    But if you know Bernie Mac, you know he's not only a talented comedian but actor who birthed his family style of entertainment with a regular guest role on UPN's Moesha. So being family-friendly isn't that difficult of a task.

    The Bernie Mac Show has a great cast lineup. The children are lovable, entertaining and easy to relate to and Bernie's partner in parenting the lovely Wanda Mac (played by Kellita Smith) holds her own weight on the show as well.

    There's much potential for the show. It rarely disappoints and provides easy to relate to story lines for both the parent and non parent to laugh to.

    If you're searching for a good show with lots of laughs that you and the family can enjoy - give "The Bernia Mac Show" a quick look. Afterall America Bernie Mac says what you're scared to say! :-)