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FOX (ended 2006)





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  • Talk about a family show! This should certainly awaken and inspire your funny-bone. Bernie Mac has his own unique style, like no other. You may even see it as a modernized Bill Cosby family, in Bernie Mac style. Magnificent!

    Bernie Mac's style is so unique. He makes me laugh everyday, watching reruns of the BM Show. He comes across so gruff and crusty but it always comes out with a thoughtful and caring lesson in loving and guiding your children and family through this uncertain world. And many of his skits are developed from his own life's story-line. He actually did take in his sister's three children. And his grandmother was a big force in his growing up. I believe the reference he made regarding the time was talking with his grandmother, who was very ill. And out of her tears, he saw her joy as she was turing her focus to a Bill Cosby episode. It was then and their that Bernie Mac decided he would become a comedian and bring such joy and relief to others. This is what I get and feel with every episode of the Bernie Mac Show. And it is the force that drives his TV series. And such a wonderful escape.
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