The Bernie Mac Show

Season 1 Episode 19

Secrets and Lies

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM May 01, 2002 on FOX

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  • Reminds me of Laurel & Hardy films "Be Big" and "Sons of the Desert"

    This of course is one of the wildest Bernie Mac episodes of all time.

    For those who saw and liked Laurel & Hardy films, "Sons of the Desert" and "Be Big" you'll probably love this episode.

    After coming home all tired from being on the road one week, Bernie Mac wants to go to sleep in his comfy bed at 4pm (but winds up wasting about an hour fixing the bed which is wobbly squeaky). He's even too tired to go out with company that night. Yet, when a friend calls at 6pm inviting him to a Clippers/Bull game that night he feels re-engerized. So he gets Jordan to fake an asthma as a cover story.

    The two go to the game have fun (despite having Bernie Mac not getting what he wanted because he went to the game) and come home all non-chalant.

    The next morning, Wanda gives Jordan breakfast in bed telling him she was very worried about him last night. For once in Jordan's life, he feels guilty about what he did, and suggests he and Bernie admit what they did. But Bernie Mac ruins the oppertunity by saying its okay to sometimes *bend the truth* to get what you want, but *not by lying*. Hmmm, I don't think that was very good advice; seeing that really was a lie they told.

    Soon Jordan's telling slews of lies until Bernie Mac finds out one day. When he tries to confront Jordan with Wanda, Jordan simply gives a signal that he'll tell her about the basketball game.

    Bernie doesn't know what to do, as Jordan continues to tell lies until he finds out about one that could get Jordan in as much trouble too.

    That night at dinner, Bernie Mac quietly tells Jordan that he knows his latest lie. Afraid Wanda heard, Jordan punks Bernie Mac back by giving another warning about telling Wanda about the basketball game. The two exchange a little tit-for-tat until Bernie Mac is about ready to cut Jordan with a knife but realizes the family is staring at them.

    So what else is there to do. Bernie tells on Jordan and Jordan does the same. Aunt Wanda explodes at the two, and by the time she's done something slips out of Vanessa's mouth (something in a rated R movie) that leads into another lie (seeing the rated R movie that she wasn't allowed to see). But when Aunt Wanda concludes she saw the movie, something slips out of her mouth (my appointment was running late) that leads Bernie Mac into suspecting something (missing Bryanna's play). He and Vanessa try to question her (Bryanna was dressed like a flower) and then tell that she's wrong (she was really dressed a bunny).

    Bernie Mac then thinks that Bryanna's the only innocent one (but turns out she's been messing with his bed).

    One unique tit-for-tat that I would have liked to see would have been...
    Bernie Mac: I also heard what you did at school, Jordan.
    Jordan: Speaking of school, I need some supplies. Do you think you could take me to the Staples Center?