The Bernie Mac Show

Season 2 Episode 17

The Incredible Bulk

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Apr 16, 2003 on FOX

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  • Wow man, Bernie Mac winds up having a problem.

    Upset again about the kids, this time about how much they need to go to the store (5 times in one week), Bernie Mac's friends give him a solution. Shopping at a different store named Cost Depot.

    The store is like heaven for Bernie Mac. Not only does he save money, but he winds up getting alot of items. But Bernie Mac likes the store so much, he winds up shopping there too much. He starts buying so much that they don't have enough room to store it at home. He buys like 200 packs of pudding and toliet paper, but yet that's still not enough.

    Tempted, the kids start having fun with the extra supplies; having toliet paper races and betting that they can eat 50 packs of pudding in one sitting.

    Eventually, Aunt Wanda and Bernie Mac catch them, but its Aunt Wanda that does the punishing as she locks all the items in the shed and even thinks that Bernie Mac shouldn't be able to access it.

    Sure enough one night, he catches the kids trying to break in, and he joins them. But when he gets locked in, Wanda is very upset the next day when she unlocks him.

    And for the very first time, Bernie Mac admits he has a problem.

    I want them to put the 2nd Season out on DVD so I can see this episode again and others.