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The Bernie Mac Show

Season 4 Episode 15

The Music Mac

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Music Mac
Bernie wants to encourage Vanessa's burgeoning musical talent.

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  • *Vanessa has musical talent which Bernie discovers. *Bernie encourages, Vanessa reacts. *Jordan earns an infamous repeating of a Howard Cosell remark. *Vanessa's takes revenge.

    The Bernie Mac Show has consistently provided some of the funniest television moments while on air, but unfortunately for this episode they were few, and far between. Vanessa is holding out a secret and Bernie determined to find out what's going on, and has no expectations of anything positive coming out of what he finds. Eventually Bernie discovers Vanessa's talent for music when he catches her in the act of playing guitar, and singing in the basement much to Bernie's delight. Vanessa though isn't happy about it, although she receives Bernie's compliment, but that's about it. Bernie makes a sincere attempt to encourage Vanessa's talent much to Vanessa's chagrin, and as usual Vanessa lashes out in a disrespectful, ungrateful way. This is the part of the show that waxed old after awhile, and that is any attempt Bernie made towards Vanessa to reach out an connect with her was mostly meet with her slapping the hand away. Bernie goes so far as to buying Vanessa a nice brand new acoustic guitar which causes Vanessa to go on a verbal tirade about Bernie getting up in her business as if he did something horrible. These moments made me cringe when watching Bernie sincerely reach out in support only too have Vanessa act completely inappropriate for anyone receiving a nice gift, and parental support. These moments weren't very comedical at all, and did very little towards enjoying any episodes that were Vanessa centric having Bernie try and sincerely help her. Her character always displayed some of the most hateful moments on the show, and while there were plenty of times in the earlier seasons that were understandable they soon wore thin as time went on. Now as for this part of Bernie's involvement this is where it gets sticky. Bernie goes on to secretly tape Vanessa in the basement playing her song then has Jordan clean it up on his computer, put music behind it, and mix it down creating a tight song then goes on to play it to the family, and WB without Vanessa's knowledge. Everyone enjoys it but, when Vanessa walks in to discover them listening to it she isn't happy about it. Bernie has to explain that he recorded it without her knowledge to let her hear how good she was which only enrages Vanessa as Bernie sincerely attempts too reach out to her. Jordan goes on to say how they helped to make it better by adding more music to it, which did give it better more fuller sound, of course in true Vanessa style only went on to earn Jordan a punch in the mouth right then and there. At this point in the show I think Bernie's money would've been better spent on some psychiatric treatment for Vanessa's behavior then to encourage her. This next part of the show is the only part where I understood her being upset and that's when Jordan emailed a copy of Vanessa's music to a friend whose older brother then proceeded to send it out to everyone possible in Vanessa's school without her permission. Of course there are those critic's that proceed to make sly remarks towards her music, and this of course catches her off guard thus earning Jordan another punch in the mouth. Finally Vanessa's end all be all get back at Bernie was to write a song called "The Bigfoot Blues", and as for Jordan he earned a mass emailing of some embarrassing photo's as a payback by Vanessa. The thing about the episode that was most irritating was how extremely idiotic her reactions were to Bernie's in-house encouragement. It was very hard to justify those reactions towards Bernie, and even harder to find anything comedic in the exchanges between her and Bernie. I also found it distasteful her punching Jordan like she did over a statement. Again the only part where she was justified in her anger would've been Jordan emailing her song out, and that's it. I really didn't enjoy the episode all that much because of the way Vanessa was written, and the very little comedy involved. Also felt that Bernie's reaching out being met with such hostility made Vanessa's character look like she needed some counseling or something because there are so many children that would love to have that kind of support, and encouragement that they don't have. It just felt like a poorly thought out episode that was a little to dark instead of the more light and comedic atmosphere that inhabits The Bernie Mac Show. Episodes that have had a little more serious themes prior to this were written better, and made more sense. Unfortunately this episode made very little sense with Vanessa's character, and her hostile reactions toward everything. Not one of my favorite episodes to say the least Take care.

    Peace To All.moreless

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    • When Bernie makes the statement concerning Jordan being punched by Vanessa, "Down goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier", he is referencing the 1973 championship bout between George Foreman & Joe Frazier. Frazier having been knocked down six times during the bout before losing in the second round. Howard Cosell made the call during the first of these knockdowns.

    • Vanessa:
      When I'm on the boulevard,
      Life is never hard.

      I just love to be,
      On Ventura Boulevard.

      Happy to be me,
      On Ventura Boulevard.

      These lyrics from the hook of Vanessa's song mention Ventura Boulevard. Ventura Boulevard is a primary roadway in California's San Fernando Valley, a part of northern Los Angeles. The Bernie Mac family lived in Encino, a district of northern LA.