The Best Sex Ever

Season 2 Episode 12

Naughty by Nature

Aired Unknown Jun 20, 2003 on Cinemax

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  • All natural in the natural

    I\\\'d never heard of Mandy Fisher before this movie. But I tuned this in one night. She looked like a plain Jane and her husband was an average old dude. They go on a nature hike and wind up out in what is supposedly the middle of nowhere - where, as is the plot of all porn soft or hard, she gets \\\'turned on.\\\' Again it was cruising along average. And then I got my first look at Mandy\\\'s rack and my mouth dropped open.

    The cameras clearly knew that\\\'s where the action was too as they focus on her cute face and 34 double-D rack while Jim \\\'goes down\\\' on her. They weren\\\'t \\\'airbrushed\\\' or anything, and you can see an imperfection or two - but this is why we watch this stuff.

    To do this, of course, they have to show her in man from behind positions. The breast sequence was actually better in \\\"Passion After Midnight\\\" when she screwed the doctor on the couch. But she comes across more innocent here and whew! It made me want to jump through the TV screen.

    The other actress, a flat-chested one, was useless. They could have shown the initial scene and the camper scene with Mandy going to town over and over and I\\\'d have been happy. No fake shake - just soft erotic pleasure.
  • Plot: unimportant. Boobs: very important.

    Cinemax has more silicone on it than Silicone Valley. And when \"natural\" girls are on, they\'re usually bony and flat as pancakes. That\'s why it\'s so refreshing to see a REAL woman like Mandy Fisher. She brings to mind the women from Playboy\'s heyday back in the \'60s: full curves, girl-next-door looks, and sexy instead of slutty. If you are sick of the plastic-boobed, hard-bodied, tatooed, pierced junkie look, and long for a good old-fashioned va-va-voom woman, do not miss this episode. Let\'s hope natural, ample curves come back into fashion.