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  • Gets better and better every week.

    The first time I watched this show, I thought... "Okay, Sam doesn't have a meal plan... That's the best drama this show could stir up?! Surely the creator of Degrassi must have put no effort into this show what so ever..." But then when John died it started to get interesting. I really liked the brewing Sam/Devon relationship and I was looking forward to seeing what would happen. Then, I missed an episode and I found that I couldn't help myself and I just had to watch the episode I missed on that channel's site. It got better and better each week. Now it's to a point where it's become one of my favorite shows of the 2007 season. The characters are interesting, the storylines are interesting, and I just can't help but watch. I thought this show was going to be a disaster, but I've seen many people who have had a change of heart, just like I did. I've seen the show's Show Score slowly creep from 5.4 all the way to 9.0. There is no doubt that this show has something and I hope it comes back for a second season.
  • Awesome

    This show is just incredible. The characters are realistick and very three demensional! This show has strong topics, such as Molesting, Drinking, Abuse, Drugs, Lesbiansm, Careers, Teacher Student Relationships, and Death. The main character is espcially put through a lot, with being a foster child her whole life. I hate that Teenick cancelled the show. They hate to have anything compete with precious DEGRASSI. This show tops Degrassi in a lot of ways. Season 2 was toned down a lot, but still had strong episodes. Mostly everything centered around love situations, but the episodes were still pretty good. Overall, one of the best teen/young adult shows during its time.
  • Samantha Best has been shuffled and tossed through foster homes throughout her entire life and now she been accepted to a prestigious college in Massachusetts. She has to learn to deal with college life, friends, enemies, and new loves along the way.

    I loved this new series ever since it came on The-N. I love everything about this series from the setting to all the characters who been on the series so far. Its a good drama with a great story line to it that I love. To anyone who loves drama love triangles, and so on then you will love The Best Years series. I hope that the network will continue to air this series because I really love this show and I think a lot people love this show, too. To anyone who have not seen this series yet, I guess you try watching it because it that good.
  • TBY!It is the best show on the-n....besides Degrassi.

    Okay. I think this show might even be better than Degrassi! I know it is a bold statement, but so ture. I heard it is coming back for a new season THANK GOD!!! I really need to see more of this show. The-N is always trying to get rid of their great shows and replace them with stupid ass tween shows or old sitcom shows from Nickelodeon. I mean they are gettin rid of SON and IS....what the hell. And what happened to About a Girl, Old School Degrassi, and Whilstler???? I wish I lived in Canada. But I know I better see this back on the N very soon...I miss this show it made me feel like it was better than every show ever....
  • Love this show

    I don't think I watched this show from the start but it was pretty easy to catch up with. I like Sam with Trent better than Devon, because Trent is SO hott and sexy and she can turn him straight (as in off the drugs) and thats what he wants. He has let her down again and again but I think he's worth the wait till he gets himself out of the hole he got himself into and he is willing to do that. Devon just wasn't my type. And I love Noah, he is so funny! It's a great show and I can't wait to see if it comes back onto our screens because it wasn't watched that much over here. Hopefully it will be back though!!!
  • This show owns its the best teen drama since The OC.

    This show doesnt have dull moments. All characters have developed dramatically since the begining of the show. Its great that all the episodes are online. It gives viewers a chance to catch up on episodes that they might have missed for whatever reason. But the "previously on" segments at the beggining of each episode can catch you up if you dont have fast enough internet to stream of the-n. Its a great series for high school and college students alike and really deals with the same issues that real life teens and young adult are dealing with; friends deaths, boyfriend/girlfriend, family drama, alchohol and drug abuse, and balancing school on top of it all.
  • One word: Brilliant!

    I absolutely love The Best Years. It's a really interesting show, and the writing is brilliant. The story lines are entertaining to say the least and that acting is superb. The chemistry between the cast is amazing and you really get a chance to get to know the characters in depth. The shows revolves around Samantha Best and real life situations that young adults go through (i.e: college life, death, molestation, drugs, sex, relationships and etc.)

    Charity Shea does an great job at portraying her character Samantha, and Brandon Jay McLaren does a great job portraying his character Devon. The eye candy when he's shirtless is just extra!

    To sum it up, this show rocks. If you aren't already watching, you're missing out, and I advise you to tune in if you can. =]
  • Every episode brings the drama...its like one season finale after another.

    Getting drunk and falling off a roof...almost jumping to ones death...bars being held up at gun point...the "your adopted" speech...drugs & alcohol...almost being raped...molestation. All things you can find in one of the drama filled episodes of the N's new series "The Best Years". I was a little weary when I first saw the previews for this show because I thought it was going to be the same old boring drama's they put out all the time. But I was very surprised in what I saw. This show is very well written and has plenty of drama...just the way I like it. I look forward to seeing another season of this. On a side note for the characters: Sam - I understand her trust issues growing up in different foster homes and never having a stable environment with people to support her. (Emotionally and financially)
    Trent - Love the bad boy...I thought it was cute he was willing to change to be with Sam. Devon - Cute, athletic...with a touch of pyscho. Every school has 'em.
    Dawn - She has her ups and downs. I haven't decided if I like her or not.
    Katherine - She's growing on me. Noah - Would so have been one of my friends in school.
  • The most brilliantly plotted drama ever.

    I absolutely love The Best Years! It is such an addicting show. Anybody who's looking for a good drama to watch, The Best Years is for you! I just love the suspense and excitement that goes into each episode! And how the least expected of things happen, like how Sam finds out the woman who gave her the scholarship to Charles University actually knew her real parents all along! And in the first episode when that guy (can't even remember his name it's been so long since I watched that one) falls off the building and gets killed. I was so shocked! Nobody saw that coming!!! There is no information anywhere about the second season. I'm dying to know when it will premiere. If anyone has any info, please send me a message.
  • Living in foster care almost her whole life Samantha best finally seem to get hope when she's accepted into Charles University. She had no idea what life was like until she stepped foot into Charles U. Life was never the same.

    If this show was crack I'd be wasted and probably in rehab! It has amazing characters!! Also I love the storyline; the plot: Samantha best living 4 years in Charles University. The show is very well rounded. Unlike Degrassi -which I love- it doesn't encounter all the firsts in life. Your first period, first love, first date, first time having sex. In the show, they've been through all that already. Every episode will have you hooked. Each episode seems to get better and better, as well as the characters. They seem to grow and become more comfortable with there characters.
    I ADORE this show and the actors. Charitey Shea is amazing!


    3 words. One show: The Best Years.
  • Samantha Best is my idol!

    This girl has the personality and charisma to make college life awesome. Her first semester, and though she's seen tragedy, she's continued to make life great. She knows what she wants in life and takes it with no hesitation; she's headstrong and sticks to what she believes in. And everyone around her grew so much from her example. This show is great, every episode entriguing, every character is unique and have unexpected qualities (e.g. Devon the star athelete with good intentions that always seems to make him look like an a-hole) and I love it! Can't wait for the next season!
  • I heart The Best Years!!!

    I love this show. Everything about The Best Years is awesome! All of season one's episodes are amazingly good and I cannot wait to see more. All of the characters are so unique and its so much fun to watch what happens to each of them! Me and my friends are hooked on this N show, since it's one of the top shows on this channel. I love Trent! he is so cool - but his player status makes you love him and dislike him at the same time, which is a nice twist for the show. I am always watching new episodes to see if Sam and Devon will be a real couple again without the on-again off-again thing and if Noah will ever find true love... or even if Sam will get together with Trent, disregarding Dawn! This drama is like a college type version of The O.C., but dare I say better. I will always be obsessed with this show, I love all the episodes and can't stop watching!
  • okay this show is right up there with dawsons creek and degrassi for me. but first comes DC, then Degrassi, and then The best years. But i love this show.

    this show has to do with samantha best on her first year of collage. And you would think that your first year of collage wouldnt be that bad but for samantha if just gets worse. first she makes some new friends and then they all get drunk up on top of the collage roof and one of her friends falls off the roof and dies. And they she finally gets the guy she likes and he leaves her a message on her phone which really makes her mad and they break up. Then she finds out that the family that she had been living with wasnt her real parents and that she was adopted just made it all worse but we will have to see what happens. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My new favorite show!!

    This HAS to be the best show on the N. After one episode, you are totally hooked. The Best Years has all the teenager/college angst and drama that a viewer could want. And you instantly identify yourself with the characters: Samantha the orphan, Devon the athlete, Kathryn the mean girl and then there's still Dawn, Noah, and Trent. You are instantly caught up in their world and their problems, and you feel sorry for them. Drama, drama, drama: relationship problems, backstabbing, death, embarassment...anything and everything. This show features all of that and more. Each episode leaves you craving more and counting the days down until the next episode airs. It's a new favorite!!
  • My personal favorite.

    I am in love with this show. At first, I thought it was boring but after I saw the first episode, I WAS HOOKED! The drama... the suspense... the passion. I LOVE IT! I especially love Charity Shea's character. Everything she goes through. The drama between her and all the other characters. I especially like how she's either with Devon or Trent. If you are wondering what I'm taking about, you have to watch it. I recommended to people who loves drama. They should continue making this show. It shows what can happen is just 4 years of college. Including, falling in love with your teacher, getting trampled by a car, having two guys fighting over you, and so much more!
  • My new Addiction

    This show is so amazing! I love all of the characters, and it has very good writing. All of the characters have their own personalities, and that's what I love most about this show. It can very dramatic, and a lot of the episodes can be very raw and mature. This show really doesn't hold anything back. All of the actors are convincing in their roles. There's a lot of unexpected twists and turns that make the show really interesting, and it's very addicting. I hope to god that The N renews this show for a second season, because this show is one of their best!
  • The best years is a very cool show. i highly recommend it. it's funny, intuitive, and the writing is good for a drama.

    I love this show!!!! usually overly dramatic shows kind of suck, but this one is superb. real characters, awesome scripts- i even got my sister hooked. this rocks. From the first episode everything just was entertaining, and i really got into it. i think that sam should have gotten together with noah, but that's just me. he's so much cooler than devon!!! i have to keep watching the episodes, i have a lot to catch up on. seriously. but kathryn is a slut, that's just another thing that i have to say. stupid tramp. i like dawn, and sam, and noah. okay FINALLY done 100 words, so i'm done now.
  • It all starts when foster child Samantha Best comes to Charles University. Then things go bad, with the death of her crush's roomate Jon. Then things get worse, she's turned purple, threatened to get kicked out. But there's much more to come!

    The Best Years is awsome, I mean most shows couldn't pull off a death in the first episonde, but they went their. And it got me hooked. And from there thingd didn't get boring. THey got more exciting, with Sam and Devin. Cynthia, Noah and Sam. The whole Dorthy thing, Sam's nasty roomate. Things just keep getting better and better, and there's still a lot of drama to come. Once I saw the first episode I was hooked, and everytime I watch it I become more and more hooked. I'm really happy the show is an hour long, no way the could fit all that drama into a half an hour. The only thing I don't like is Darel.
  • This show isn't a Degrassi remake. It's BETTER.

    I'll admit that, at first, I had my doubts about this show. I thought it was a tad too melodramatic, and was basically just a college version of Degrassi. But now that most of the characters from Degrassi have moved on to college, or have graduated high school, there's obviously a difference in the way each show views college life. This show is beyond the drama of Degrassi High School and shows a more mature range of problems and solutions. It acknowledges things in a more mellow tone as it builds up to the answer to a question, instead of squeezing in the question and answer in one episode, as Degrassi does. Degrassi feels more like a special of the week, as each of its characters has confronted several issues, and at least 3 people have faced the same dilemma of pregnancy, in some way. Some of the issues are also left out to dry, and seem to be forgotten as Degrassi progress. But as this episode of the Best Years prove, this show has given certain characters certain backgrounds and personal issues that they will continue to face throughout the series. They aren't going to have each character cross over and have everyone experience the psychological demons of anorexia or force everyone to confront new love issues. Rather, the show builds upon the pasts of each character and forces them to confront their own personal problems that they haven't necessarily conquered. At the same time, it builds upon what is conceived as fact, but has not necessarily been proven fact. This leaves room for mystery and shocking story twists - what everyone loves. Although some characters seem like stock characters (the evil cheerleader, anyone?), the show makes up for it with incredibly deep, creative, and one of a kind characters, such as the girl with the so-called perfect family striving to succeed as she faces her own demons, or the bisexual club owner who's dealing with his ex-partner's betrayal and its consequences. Because this show actually "goes there" (yes, a Degrassi pun) and doesn't just shove drama into the faces of the audience, it will no doubt last a long time, and quite possibly go beyond Degrassi's once-great status as a juicy, realistic teen soap that we just can't stay away from. Yep, I said it.
  • The Best Years, all about a foster girl Samantha Best, accepted into a college in Massachusetts, where she is given a 4 year scholarship to attend. She has to deal with many many challenges that arise in a college life. Friends, enemies and much more.

    It was when I started to see the previews for this show that I actually started to wonder in my mind if it were going to be a good show, a show that i can watch and enjoy. So i gave it a chance and watched the very first show. To me it was almost like Degrassi, pulling you in after just one show. I surprisingly enjoyed it, i actually enjoyed it so much as to keep watching, and it has now grown to become my second all time favorite show next to Degrassi that is. My new all time addiction !
  • Best new show this year!! Maybe even better than Degrassi

    Another show on the N that dares to go there. It centers around the lives of college students of Charles University. Like Degraasi in some ways, but with more parties and a lot more of the drinking. I love Degrassi and i didn't think that it could get much better, but the Best Years is giving Degrassi a run for its money. i love all of the charavters on the show, even Kathrine sometimes, except stupid Cynthia that gets on your nerves after a while. I esspecially love Sam and how she continually stands up and fights for herself. Another great character is gorgeous Devon, and I love Dawn too. An amazing cast makes up the show as well as great storylines. I can really see this show going far.
  • I don't get why a lot of people don't like this show, it's very entertaining

    I'm only in high school so don't know anything about what college is like but i really love this show. I find most of the characters likeable, and i love to hate katherine. Noah is charming and should definately be with sam instead of devon, who need anger management, Bel Air High is one of the best things about this show, aswell as the potential romance between trent and dawn, shannon and cynthia are very annoying and kinda ruin every scene they're in but over all, this is a great guilty pleasure show, i'm surprised it's not more popular .
  • Gets better and better every episode, and keeps you coming back for more!

    This show is about Samantha, a foster child, moving away to college and having the time of her life... well, so she thinks. She meets Devon, the basketball star at Charles University, who she has a mad crush on. She also meets Cynthia, her new friend, that she think she knows, but still doesn't know EVERYTHING. Katheryn, her roomate, that can be a total 'you know what' and don't get along very well. Shannon, who is Katheryn's friend, but turns out to be Sam's worst enemy. Noah, who is new to Charles University, after the first episode. There is drama, romance, laughs, and more. This show gives you everything you want from a teen drama. Don't compare this show to Degrassi, or Lauguna Beach, because you shouldn't sterotype this amazing show. Trust me, you'll get addicted. After every episode, it keeps you coming back for more, and very eager to see what happens next. This is my second favorite show, after only four episodes... I'm hooked!
  • This is about a foster girl going to a college and trying to maintain her scholarship. If she loses her scholarship, she has no where to go. Despite all the disputes and dramam, i think Sam will definetley make it through her four years in that college.

    The Best Years: First of all, I would like to say I really like this show and all of The-N shows because they show/deal with real life situations. They show things that happen in college, high/middle school too. They teach you lessons even if the lessons aren't clear at that particular moment. Sam is a really good role model for everyone. Coming from a place where she had no parents, she has an exceptionasl attitude. She doesn't like lying or taking the easy way out. I think she realizes that when doing stuff wrong, there will be a price to pay. I really like this show and every once in a while, you should watch it......its very addicting!!
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