The Better Sex

ABC (ended 1978)


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The Better Sex

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Two teams (6 men vs 6 women) competed in this game of truth or bluff. Sarah Purcell worked with the ladies while Bill Anderson did for the men. The host(ess) would read the question, then the team captain had to decide upon one of two answers (truth or bluff). Then the opposing host(ess) would ask three (sometimes two) opposing members whether they agree or disagee about that answer, majority ruled with two votes. The true answer is revealed & if the opposing team guessed right, they knock off the person who provided the answer plus another member of the opposing team & gets control of the next question. If the opposing team is wrong, those two are knocked out & the opposing team plays again. The team that knocks off the opposing sex (done by 3-5 questions) wins the game + $1,000! The winning team gets to play the bonus round where they faced 30 studio audience members of the opposite sex. Bill or Sarah would read the question, then the contestant chooses either the bluff or real answer. The audience votes with their clicker panels to decide if they're right or wrong. Right answers keeps the audience member alive while wrong answers had them sit down. If the team can knock off the 30 member panel within 6 questions or less, that team wins $5,000! If after 6 questions an audience member is still standing, the audience member(s) split $500. Teams stayed until they lost twice or reached the $30,000 limit (done once by a men's team, on the final episode). Bill Anderson would go on to host Fandango for six years. Sarah Purcell would become a part of Real People.moreless