The Betty Hutton Show

CBS (ended 1960)


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The Betty Hutton Show

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Goldie Appleby, the outspoken local town manicurist--who previously was a showgirl--suddenly found herself in a fix when Mr. Strickland, one of her regular customers died and left her all that he owned in his will. A load of money, a mansion, and his three teenage children--Pat, Nicky and Roy. The ajustments made by all concerned--Goldie to luxury and social status of her new wealth, the children to their unsophisticated and unconventional new parent, and family lawyer Howard Seaton--but Goldie still had her remaining others from her previous life-her closest friends Lorna and Rosemary.
The situations and everyday lifestyle for Goldie created many comic story plot for her and those around her.
NOTES: Premiered October 1, 1959, running on CBS--every Thursday--from 8:00-8:30pm, and demising on June 30, 1960. Originally planed to be called Goldie, the series shifted in titlization, but was eventually called by its original title when it went into syndicational airings. Dennis Joel (who played Roy Strickland) was later known as Dennis Olivieri--which in fact--Dennis Joel Olivieri was his full birth name.

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