The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 7 Episode 1

A Bundle for Britain

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1968 on CBS
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A Bundle for Britain
Drysdale arrives to tell the Clampetts they now have eighty million dollars in his bank, giving them a Japanese transistor radio, and making them believe he has suffered to make their money as much as it is. After he leaves, the Clampetts want to unload their burden on Drysdale. Jethro tells him he should give the money to England, because they sold “Queen Elizabeth” and “Queen Mary.” After learning it was ships that have been sold, the Clampetts decide the Queen needs help, and they decide to take out their money and give it to the Her Majesty. They tell Drysdale, and he has to prevent it from happening, so he hires an English actor to pose as the Queen’s minister to stop this. However, after the actor learns of their fortune, he decides to take advantage of the opportunity, selling the deed of Canada to them. The Clampetts decide to head to England and give the deed back to the Queen.moreless

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Donna Douglas

Donna Douglas

Elly May Clampett

Buddy Ebsen

Buddy Ebsen

Jed Clampett

Nancy Kulp

Nancy Kulp

Jane Hathaway

Irene Ryan

Irene Ryan

Daisy Moses "Granny"

Raymond Bailey

Raymond Bailey

Milburn Drysdale

Max Baer Jr.

Max Baer Jr.

Jethro Bodine

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    • Jethro: Did you ever try hitchhiking from the airport, wearing a suit of armor and totin' a buzzard?
      Montrose: Strangely enough, I never have.
      Jethro: Well don't. Everybody slowed down, but nobody stopped!

    • Granny: I ain't nosey; I just wanna hear everything.

    • (Jed and Granny are going to leave the bank, and Granny gets in the wheelbarrow meant for Jed's money)
      Jed: Hop on Granny.
      Granny: Now don't take the freeway this time Jed. That tailgating makes me nervous.

    • Elly: Well Granny, she likes you. Ain't cha noticed how she keeps watchin' ya?
      Granny: At my age it ain't no treat to have a buzzard watching ya.

    • Granny: I don't allow no scavengers in my kitchen.
      Elly: But what about . . .
      Granny: That's different. Jethro is family.

    • Montrose: Would you like to buy Hong Kong?
      Jed: Hong Kong?
      Granny: That's that big ape that carried off Fay Wray.

    • Jed: Well, Mr. Drysdale said you was the Queen's minister.
      Montrose: Minister of Finance.
      Granny: (to Jed) He must take up the collection.

    • Jed: Granny, we gotta be careful how we talk to that fella. Mr. Drysdale says he's the Queen's minister.
      Granny: I never seen no preacher dressed like him.
      Jed: What cha mean?
      Granny: Satin britches, lace cuffs, all kinds of fancy trappins'.
      Jed: Likely Episcopalian.
      Granny: And he come in a big stage coach.
      Jed: Well Granny, hay is cheaper than gasoline. I reckon they don't pay their preachers no better than we pay ours.

    • Drysdale: I want you to get me the finest British actor money can buy.
      Jane: Well, how much money are you talking about?
      Drysdale: I'll go as high as ten bucks.
      Jane: Ten bucks?! Are you serious?!
      Drysdale: Look, this is no time to pinch pennies.

    • Drysdale: Where am I? What's going on?
      Miss Jane: You fainted.
      Drysdale: Fainted?!
      Jane: Oh, you were in a deep coma. It took a twenty to bring you out of it.
      Drysdale: I'm not the type who faints. What happened?
      Jane: Oh, Mr. Clampett told you he was withdrawing his eighty million dollars.
      Drysdale: What?! (starts breathing heavily and shaking)
      Jane: I'd better open a window.
      Drysdale: No, no, no, Lock it. I might jump.

    • Jed: I hope the Queen still got her health.
      Faversham: Oh, yes indeed sir. Her Majesty is spending this week at the Royal Preserve.
      Jed: I see. Well maybe we'll be paying you a visit soon Mr. Domo.
      Faversham: Faversham sir.
      Jed: Faversham to you. (hangs up the phone) Ain't no two ways about it Granny, things is rough. You what the Queen is spending this week doing?
      Granny: What?
      Jed: Puttin' up preserves.

    • Jed: Uh listen Major, we was just wonderin' how everybody's getting' along over there.
      Faversham: Quite well sir, thank you. Considering the fact we're running the castle with a skeleton staff.
      Jed: (to Granny & Jethro) They got trouble alright. They're servants is down to skin and bones.

    • Jed: Mr. Drysdale, you didn't hafta get us that.
      Drysdale: Tut, tut. It's the least I can do.
      Jane: The very least.

    • Drysdale: It's a genuine imported Oriental magic music maker.
      Jethro: Hot dog! A Japanese transistor radio.

    • Drysdale: At the opening of business this morning, precisely ten o'clock Pacific daylight savings time, your balance in my bank reached the unprecedented figure of eighty million dollars.
      Jethro: Uncle Jed, I'm hungry.
      Jed: Ssh. Mr. Drysdale's fixin' to make an important announcement.
      Drysdale: I just made it. You have eighty million dollars.

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