The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 8 Episode 22

Annul That Marriage

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • After all the stunts Shorty pulled to get out of marrying Elverna, you'd think she wouldn't want to marry Shorty anymore since it is obvious he no longer wants her.

    • Gloria mistakes a donkey for a cow, mostly because she is a "city woman." However, people in the city are familiar with farm animals. Did they do this to make it seem like Gloria really needed an adjustment?

  • Quotes

    • (Granny tells Shorty Gloria is learning how to do farm work, and Shorty grabs Granny and jumps around with her in happiness)
      Shorty: I done found me the perfect woman! She's beautiful, she's hard-workin' and she loves me!
      Granny: I don't neither love you! Let go!

    • (Elverna tells Granny to stop throwing the rice on her and Shorty)
      Granny: What's the matter Elverna? You got married, didn't cha?
      Elverna: He did. I didn't.
      Granny: Elverna, there's no such thing as being half married. Ya gotta be husband and wife. Ya can't be husband and friend.
      Jethro: Don't be too sure Granny. This here's Hollywood.

    • (Granny, Elly, and Jethro are throwing rice at Jed and Gloria, thinking they got married)
      Jed: Hold on. Y'all are making a mistake.
      Granny: What do ya mean? You two got married, didn't cha?
      Jed: She did. I didn't.
      Granny: Oh no. Another Hollywood marriage.

    • (Elverna is mad at Shorty after what he did at the bank, and after explaining to Granny that they weren't married, but Shorty was)
      Elverna: Come along you miserable little weasel.
      Shorty: Yes dear. Coming dear.
      Granny: They sure talk like husband and wife.

    • Granny: You'll get em out of the smoke house.
      Gloria: Smoke house?
      Granny: That's where ya cure ham.
      Gloria: Cure hams of what?

    • Jed: Who put you back in the cage, Shorty?
      Shorty: Put myself in Jed.
      Jed: Why?
      Shorty: Elverna was commencing to look good to me.

    • (Gloria comes in after just learning farm chores)
      Shorty: Now you know what you can do with a farm.
      Gloria: I know what you can do with it.

    • Shorty: Jed, Granny, where is my big, beautiful doll?
      Jed: You mean Elverna or Gloria?
      Shorty: I said beautiful Jed. That narrows it down to Gloria.

    • (Jethro tries the same trick Shorty pulled on him to get Jed to let him out of the cage)
      Jethro: If you unlock the cage and step inside, I'll show you a racy magazine.
      Jed: You got such a thing?
      Jethro: Right over yonder. Wait till you see the picture. Whoo wee! Prettiest Philly you've ever seen. And boy is she built! Not a stitch on her!
      Jed: I never heard of a horse wearing clothes. (leaves)
      Jethro: How could a big dumb old hillbilly weed billy like him get the best of a giant brain like I got sittin' up yonder?

    • (Shorty tricks Jethro to open the cage by saying he had a "racy" magazine)
      Jethro: Dog gone you Shorty. Did you outsmart me again?
      Shorty: Why no Jethro. You outsmarted me.
      Jethro: Are ya sure?
      Shorty: You wound up with the magazine, didn't ya?

    • Elverna: I'll go stick something in the oven.
      Shorty: (under his breath) Make it your head.
      Elverna: What was that?!
      Shorty: Oh, I said it's great to be fed.

    • (Gloria tells Drysdale she does not want to annul her marriage to Shorty)
      Drysdale: Do you know what you need young lady? You need a good, old fashioned paddling, and you're gonna get it right now. (takes off his jacket)
      Gloria: You're kidding.
      Drysdale: Oh no, I'm not. Mr. Clampett, give her a good, old-fashioned paddling.

    • Jed: You know you were posed to marry Elverna here.
      Shorty: Yeah.
      Jed: Then why'd ya let the judge marry ya to Gloria?
      Shorty: Two reasons Jed: (points to Gloria) she's one, (points to Elverna) she's the other.

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