The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 7 Episode 14

Christmas in Hooterville

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1968 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • If you look closely at the hotel lobby, you see all of the lovely Christmas decorations, on the door, the clock, the elevator, and the railing of the stairs. But when Granny comes down the steps in her Goldilocks outfit, the decoration from the railing and the elevator have disappeared.

  • Quotes

    • Granny:: Now, before we commence the next song, who would like some more eggnog?
      How about you, Sam?
      Sam:: I think I've had enough, Granny. I could swear I just saw a bear driving a truck!

    • (Betty Jo asks Granny if she'd like to hold her and Steve's baby, and Granny says she'd better not)
      Granny: I'm a nervous wreck.
      Steve: What's the trouble?
      Granny: My sweetie's keeping me on needles and pins.
      Steve: Your sweetie?
      Granny: Sam Drucker.
      Billie Jo: She doesn't know if they're engaged or not.
      Bobbie Jo: The bear ate Sam's proposal.
      Steve: Uh-huh. Yeah. Honey, let's go out and come in again.

    • (Sam wants Elly's attention, and seeks Sam's help)
      Sam: Well, I'll tell her you're a fine catch.
      Eb: That's it! Lie for me!

    • Eb: Heck, I make a dollar and a half a week. That's enough to marry Elly on, ain't it?
      Sam: Yeah, considering she's worth twenty million.

    • (Drysdale is worried about driving with Fairchild, who is dressed as a hippie)
      Jethro: Don't worry Mr. Drysdale. Just leave by the way of the Sunset Strip, and nobody will even notice him.

    • (Drysdale is forced to sleep in the same bed as Fairchild)
      Drysdale: Rotten bear. He kicks, snores, takes all the covers, eats in bed. I might as well spend the night with my wife.

    • (Granny is dressed as a Victorian aged girl, thinking this is how she can get Sam to notice her)
      Granny: So, ya like um young, do ya sweetie? Well, come on over here under the mistletoe.
      Sam: Joe, your golden girl's talkin' to you.
      Joe: She ain't talkin' to me.
      Granny: Come on over here handsome.
      Joe: Handsome? By golly, she is talking to me.

    • Drysdale: I'll be back in a few days, and take good care of Fairchild.
      Jethro: Hold it! You ain't leavin' me here alone with this hairy Minnesota fats!
      Drysdale: But Jethro.
      Jethro: Uh-uh. If you goes, he goes! I ain't sharin' no bed or no bath with no four hundred pound checker hustler!
      Drysdale: But, I, I can't drive though the streets with a bear. What will people think?
      Jethro: Put some clothes on him, and they'll think he's a hippie!

    • (Drysdale is trying to get Jethro to drive him to Hooterville)
      Drysdale: You're Uncle Jed has given Sam Drucker a new bank, and he's putting all his money in it. If I don't get there in time, I'll lose eighty million dollars.
      Jethro: Look at it this way Mr. Drysdale: money ain't everything.
      Drysdale: No wonder that bear beat you.

    • Cratchit: You seem exceptionally mean this morning.
      Drysdale: I am mean. I spent half the night playing Santa Claus, gift wrapping ham hocks and goat cheese, and the other half in bed with an old bear!
      Cratchit: How is Mrs. Drysdale?

    • Jed: Did Santa Claus remember ya?
      Jethro: He sure did. They's enough vittles here to last me pert near all day.

    • (Miss Jane calls Mr. Drysdale at the bank, but he is not in a good mood)
      Miss Jane: I only wanted to say two words: Merry Christmas!
      Mr. Drysdale: And now I have two words for you: You're fired!

    • Cratchit: Merry Christmas, Mr. Drysdale!
      Drysdale: Bah! Humbug!

    • (Mr. Drysdale passed out, and Cratchit's trying to see if he's okay)
      Cratchit: No heartbeat. Oh I forgot. He hasn't got one.

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