The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 6 Episode 15

Cimarron Drip

Aired Unknown Dec 13, 1967 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Jethro accidentally lassoes Granny, Jed says that she flies into the rose bush across the street. So, Granny ran all the way across their giant front yard, out the gate, across the street to that rose bush without stopping? That's a pretty far distance to get flung.

    • When Dash first mistook Jane for Elly, Miss Jane didn't like him very much. And for episodes after that, she didn't trust him and called him a bad influence. But in this episode she flirts with him and tries to kiss him.

  • Quotes

    • Jethro: I'm Bessie's ten percenter, Swifty Bodine.
      (Jethro falls down the stairs)
      Jed: Swifty's a pretty good nickname for ya. You sure come down them stairs fast.

    • Elly: Well, Clyde won't pull his wagon unless Cousin Bessie's ridin' in it. They got to be hair-turned fond of each other.
      Jed: There's one courtship I don't hold much hope fer.
      Dash: Who knows? Around this place anything can happen.

    • (Jethro is told that the horse Elly bought for him won't move unless he's pulling a wagon)
      Jethro: Uncle Jed, I can't ride to the movie studio pulling that thing.
      Jed: Well, it's either that or drive the truck.
      Dash: Choice for ya.

    • (Miss Jane is wearing a glamour wig on top of her real hair for Dash)
      Jane: Take a look at my hair.
      Dash: I see it. I didn't know it was that windy out.
      Jane: This is a hair piece. I borrowed it from one of the girls in the secretarial pool.
      Dash: Well, I, I, I like your own hair better. This is all drab and stringy around the edges.
      Jane: That part is my own hair.

    • (Drysdale and Chapman are trying to get a monkey for the TV series Dash is starring in)
      Drysdale: I know one we can get, right up at Jed Clampett's house.
      Chapman: Not Jethro.

    • (Mr. Chapman describes the show "Bachelor Sheriff Knows Best")
      Chapman: Dash plays a widower lawyer, dying of an uncureable disease, who takes his little daughter and their collie dog on a wagon train to Tombstone, where he becomes marshall and tracks down a one-armed man who gave him amnesia.
      Drysdale: Sounds terrible.
      Chapman: I know. It's a sure winner!

    • (Granny is upset about the bikini Miss Jane bought for Elly May)
      Miss Jane: Granny, believe me, there is nothing indecent about that bathing suit. Well, I bought one just like it for myself. No, I am not kidding.

    • Jethro: Oh come on now. Don't just throw me like Mr. Chapman, head of the movie studio's been doin'. I've been goin' down there every day for acting auditions, and all I keep hearing is, "Mr. Chapman's out of town. Mr. Chapman's out of the country."
      Dash: He may be.
      Jethro: No he ain't! It's Mr. Chapman I keep hearing it from.

    • (Dash accidentally hits Jethro in the head)
      Dash: Are ya hurt?
      Jethro: Nah.
      Granny: Course he ain't. You could crack boulders with that head of his.
      Dash: Feels like concrete.
      Jethro: Thank ya.

    • (Jethro enters in a puffy blonde wig)
      Jethro: Well, how do ya like it? I spent all mornin' just gettin' ready for Dash.
      Granny: You wasted your time. He's got a date with Elly.
      Jethro: I don't want a date with him. I wanna get a job actin', in his new TV series.
      Granny: I'm sure he already has a leading lady.
      Jethro: What? I wanna show him I can play romantic leading man parts. I want him to stop thinking of me as just an intellectual.
      Granny: One look at you in that get-up, and he'll wanna stop thinking of you period!

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