The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 7 Episode 26

Collard Greens an' Fatback

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The episode was originally written for singer Glen Campbell, but his manager turned it down. Pat Boone was called to replace him.

    • Even though the Drysdale sell their house to Pat Boone, they never move out of their mansion, and Boone never moves in. Perhaps with the interest Drysdale charged, Pat decided not to move there. Apparently, the sale never went through.

    • Mrs. Drysdale's final price for their house was $10,000.00. The house was worth at least 100 times that. The original asking price offered was $250,000.00. But with the interest that is charged it amounted to the asking price offered.

  • Quotes

    • (Pat Boone finishes performing, with the Clampetts still unaware he is a music star)
      Jed: What do you think Jethro? Ya gonna handle him?
      Jethro: No, he needs too much work, Uncle Jed. I'd hafta change his name, his style of singing, and his whole image. Just ain't worth it.

    • Granny: Quick! Hide the bear!
      Jed: Granny, you don't Quick Hide! a five hundred pound bear.

    • (Mr. Drysdale is on the phone with his wife)
      Drysdale: You get upset with me at times, but you wouldn't ever leave me, would ya?
      Mrs. Drysdale: Oh course not darling.
      Drysdale: Okay. Good bye.
      (hangs up the phone, and talks to Miss Jane)
      Drysdale: Don't ever get my hopes up like that again!

    • Mrs. Drysdale: And I am afraid when I show him around, he's going to be nauseated.
      Drysdale: Well that's simple. Just don't talk so much.

    • (Drysdale is planning to buy the house on the other side of the Clampetts, which is closer)
      Miss Jane: Chief, you'd better think twice about this. Your wife just might leave you.
      Drysdale: Gee, I hadn't thought of that. No, I don't want to dream the impossible dream.

    • Granny: I'm cookin' four bushels of greens, a peck of wild onions, and twenty pounds of fatback.
      Jed: We're hopin' some neighbors will drop in.
      Jethro: Neighbors?! That ain't hardly enough fer me. I mean us. Granny, ya reckon I can have a little helpin' to hold me till supper?
      Granny: Well, alright boy. Go fetch a plate.
      (Jethro picks up a bucket)
      Jethro: Here, just fill this.

    • Jethro: Do you know what Elly done to me?
      Jed: Yeah, she tricked ya outta the tree.
      Jethro: Some trick. She throwed me forty feet on my head.
      Jed: Well, we can fill in the hole later.

    • (Jethro falls out of the tree)
      Jed: Here comes Jethro.
      Granny: Bounced right back up.
      Jed: Twice.

    • (Granny and Jed are planning to have a party with their collard greens and fatback)
      Jed: Good idea Granny, I'll invite some neighbors in.
      Granny: Back home, we didn't have to invite em.
      Jed: That's the truth. Especially the ones that lived down wind.

    • Granny: Will ya guard my pot fer me?
      Jed: Why sure. But it ain't likely any critter would bother boiling greens.
      Granny: There's one that will. And he's been sittin' up in the tree for the last three hours, waitin' fer me to go into the house so he can swoop down.
      Jed: Sounds like a buzzard.
      Granny: You're close. It's the ten toed, black toughed vittles snatcher. (points up to Jethro in a tree)

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