The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 6 Episode 16

Corn Pone Picassos

Aired Unknown Dec 20, 1967 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the episode The Art Gallery from season 3, Jethro knew his Rembrandt was after telling Jed artists had to suffer, and Rembrandt did so by cutting off his ear. But in this episode, Jethro confuses Rembrandt with Toulouse Lautrec. Why did he forget who he was so soon?

    • Mrs. Drysdale claims she is very cultured when it comes to art, but she is like Jethro in that field. Like Jethro, she doesn't know the difference between Rembrandt, best know for cutting his ear off, and Toulouse Lautrec, the French artist who resided in Montmartre and painted At The Moulin Rouge, influenced by Absinthe.

    • Granny's cousin Homer Gribble was the inspiration for the artist who created the statue Ecstasy. But neither party knows they are relating to each other. This has happened before on this show.

    • How could Cousin Bessie paint the same identical painting of the bananas that A. Allan Allan had at his art gallery that Jed and Jethro saw way before they knew that Cousin Bessie had painted the same thing when they look over the hedge at the Drysdale's when the art critic Mr. Curtis was there and Bessie won the award for the banana painting?

  • Quotes

    • Mrs. Drysdale: Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
      Drysdale: Why are you so happy? Are they moving?
      Mrs. Drysdale: They're giving me a Rembrandt.

    • Allen: You know, I have just the thing for two gentlemen of high sophistication, obvious refinement, and artistic savoir faire.
      Jed: Yeah, but what about us?

    • Granny: I've got to use something other than a butcher knife. It ain't no good fer artistic carvin'.
      Elly: What cha gonna use?
      Granny: I think I'll make better time with a potato peeler.

    • (Granny created a very horrible frame for her painting)
      Elly: Why don't cha have Pa make ya one when he gets back? That looks a mess.
      Granny: What did you say?!
      Elly: I, I, I said that I'm lookin' fer Bess.

    • Jed: Jethro, Granny's come up with a way to make Mrs. Drysdale happy.
      Jethro: You mean we's movin'?

    • Elly: What cha gonna paint?
      Granny: Everything. Animals. People. Jethro.

    • Drysdale: I hope the weird looking thing on that truck isn't what I think it is.
      Granny: 'Fraid so. It's yer wife.

    • Elly: Then what is it?
      Granny: We don't know. But she sure traded a lot of good eatin' fer it. Twenty five hundred clams.
      Jed: Granny, I think out here that means money.
      Granny: You're darn tootin' it does. Clams is goin' fer seventy nine cents a pound.

    • (Mrs. Drysdale's statue "Ecstasy" has been mistakenly dropped off at the Clampett mansion. The statue is a work or art, but looks like a great mess)
      Mrs. Drysdale: I don't want these peasants ruining my masterpiece before you drop it off!
      Jed: Excuse me, Mrs. Drysdale, but it looks to me like it's already been dropped off, a couple of times.
      Granny: And run over by a cement truck.
      Jed: Maybe you better send for one that ain't smashed up.
      Drysdale: This is the work of Carl Bausch.
      Jed: Well, if he's the one that done it, he oughtta either fix it er pay fer it.
      Mrs. Drysdale: I might have expected it. Every time I come over here, I am presented with another display of your abysmal incivility. This, my dear Clampetts, is Ecstasy.
      Jed: Well, thank you Mrs. Drysdale; we enjoyed talkin' to you too.

    • (Elly and Granny see the angel painting that Jed and Jethro bought)
      Elly: Looky there! They's little cupids with wings on!
      Granny: And that's all they got on!
      Elly: I bet they found it in the attic to give to Mrs. Drysdale.

    • (Granny and Elly May come back from the Drysdale's hiding in corn shucks and Jethro sees them, but doesn't know who it is)
      Jethro: I swear them corn shucks was movin'. Heck, everybody knows ain't got no corn shucks in Beverly Hills. Especially movin' ones. I must be seein' things.
      (Jethro looks at one and kicks it)
      Granny: Ow! (kicks Jethro)
      Jethro: Ow!!! Exuse me mister! For a minute there I thought you was a corn shuck.

    • Jed: Jethro, are you sure that this is the best art masterpiece store?
      Jethro: Yes, sir, Uncle Jed. The telephone information operator says that this here A. Allan Allan is number one in the listings.
      Jed: Good, we'll ask him can we look at his stuff.

    • (Allan Allan learns how millionaires Jed and Jethro clean up his yard and decides to try to pay back for it for a look at his art)
      Allan Allan: What can I do for you? My gallery's at your disposal.
      Jethro: Well, we's lookin' for a right good paintin' to buy.
      Jed: The best one ya got.
      Allan Allan: Oh, well, I have just the thing. One of our most celebrated artists, Juan Hypo. (shows them the painting) It's called "Blue Bananas".
      Jethro: (whispering to Jed) Bananas ain't blue.
      Jed: Pitiful. Looks like something a monkey would paint.
      Allan Allan: It's priced at only uh, five hundred, uh one thousand, uh fifteen hundred dollars.
      Jed: Well, uh, we were looking more for a paintin' of somethin' real. Ya know, people. Maybe a horse.
      Allan Allan: Ah, you mean a painting by Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa.
      Jethro: That's a awful long name for a horse.

  • Notes

    • The painting that Cousin Bessie painted of the blue bananas is the same painting that A. Allan Allan had at the art gallery painted by Juan Hypo called "Blue Bananas"

    • The Clampett's address is 518 Crestview Drive.

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