The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 7 Episode 18

Cousin Roy in Movieland

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Roy recorded his album on a day, and Elly said that his album would be released in a couple of days. However, it takes longer than a matter of days for a record to be recorded and released.

  • Quotes

    • Jethro: I don't blame ya for pickin' my brain.
      Jed: Believe me Jethro, nobody picked your brain; you was born with it.

    • Jethro: Did you have that color TV set installed in the back seat of my limo?
      Chauffeur: Yes JB.
      Jethro: And my stereo tape deck?
      Chauffeur: Yes JB.
      Jethro: And my two telephones.
      Chauffeur: Yes JB.
      Jethro: Oh, what about the snack bar and refrigerator?
      Chauffeur: They're installed JB.
      Jethro: Good. Now I can have vittles, watch TV, and long distance my clients while we's rushin' betwinst studios.
      Chauffeur: There's just one problem JB.
      Jethro: Huh? What's that?
      Chauffeur: You'll have to ride in the front. There's no more room in the back.
      Jethro: Oh. Well, that's show biz.

    • (Jethro tells Jane becoming Roy's agent will ruin his image)
      Jethro: After all, could I introduce that bridge-runner to Elizabeth Taylor?
      Jane: No you couldn't.
      Jethro: Ya see?!
      Jane: You don't know Elizabeth Taylor.

    • Jane: I hope you haven't given up your job at the club.
      Bunny: I was going to. After all, a vice president shouldn't do a striptease.
      Jane: That's show biz.

    • (Jethro says not to hold dinner because he might eat with the Rat Pack)
      Jed: Rat Pack?
      Granny: If there's free vittles in it, he'll eat with varmints.

    • (Bunny is rehearsing her number when Jed and Roy walk in. She pops her hip and knock Jed and Roy's hats off)
      Bunny: I'm awfully sorry. I didn't see you.
      Jed: Well, that's alright ma'am. I, uh, hope ya didn't hurt nothin'.

    • Jethro: What's a eviction notice?
      Bunny: I don't know, but it looks marvy.

    • Drysdale: I'm going to tell Uncle "Sugar" that his nephew is on the road to success as one of Hollywood's bright, young agents.
      Jane: How do I cooperate?
      Drysdale: By avoiding the truth at all costs.

    • (Granny says she'd love to hear the songs on Roy's record because she's been cooking for when they return from recording)
      Elly: Well, the record will be out in a couple of days Granny.
      Jed: Yeah. You can hear it then.
      Granny: Good. Good. How would ya like to wait a couple of days for yer vittles?
      Roy: You know what I think I oughtta do Mr. Clampett?
      Jed: What?
      Roy: I think I'll play another "Double Eagle" right now.
      Jed: I appreciate that Roy. I'm as hungry as you are.
      Granny: Did ya hear that Elly? Roy's gonna play! What a nice surprise!

    • (Bessie is wearing an agent outfit just like Jethro's)
      Elly: Ain't she cute in her agent outfit? Just like Jethro.
      Jed: Makes just about as much sense.

    • (Jethro says that he has unlimited credit with the bank)
      Drysdale: Who Okayed that deal?
      Bunny: I did, Pussycat.
      Drysdale: You don't work for this bank.
      Bunny: I did when I Okayed his credit.

    • (Jane and Drysdale are watching Bunny rehearse after coming in to speak to Jethro)
      Drysdale: She and Jethro make a great pair. Between them, they have the IQ of a retarded mosquito.

    • Jethro: Chauffeur, drive me to the MPPA on the double.
      Chauffeur: Yes sir. Motion Picture Producers Association?
      Jethro: No, no, no. Mother Panolias Pizza Automan. I'm starvin'.

    • (Granny tells Roy she wants to hear what's going on his record)
      Jed: Granny, you got more excuses for making that boy entertain you.
      Granny: I like it Jed.
      Jed: Ya make him sing for his supper, play the guitar for his laundry, and strum the banjo fore you turn his bed down.
      Granny: That's true. I'm glad that this excuse come along. I was runnin' out.

    • Roy: This fella's got big plans. He wants to use the biggest recording studio in Hollywood, hire the best musicians on the West Coast, get a vocal chorus to back me up, and put out an LP album with my picture on the cover.
      Jed: Well doggies!
      Roy: There's just one little hitch. He ain't got no money.

    • (Jethro turns Roy down, and then Drysdale and Jed tell him his album is huge hit)
      Jethro: Hey, hold it Roy! I said there was gonna be a lot of crawling! Well, here it comes! (gets down on the floor and crawls) Look at me Roy! I'm crawling! (crawls after him shouting)

    • (Jethro comes out of his office)
      Jethro: Sweetheart! Lover! Baby doll!
      Bunny: Yes JB?
      Jethro: Not you. Him!
      (Pushes Bunny aside and goes to Roy

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