The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 5 Episode 28

Delovely and Scruggs

Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1967 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • At the end of the episode, everyone is dancing in the front hall. The camera pulls back to a VERY high shot, and you can see where the set ends, and the studio begins. There is a long black line, the tile stops, and then there is just green floor!

  • Quotes

    • Granny: Well, let me take yer jacket, Lester. Maybe I can help it some.
      Gladys: You sure can't hurt it none.

    • Granny: Sit down Lester and have some breakfast.
      Lester: No thank you Granny, I had one of Gladys' whole cakes first thing this morning.
      Jed: Well, that ain't enough to hold a man that was choppin' wood at the crack of dawn.
      Lester: I wasn't choppin' wood, I was tryin' to slice that whole cake.
      Granny: Well, if it was so hard, what did ya eat it fer?
      Lester: I had to have something to take the taste of her grits out of my mouth.

    • Granny: Lester!
      Earl: What happened to your jacket?
      Lester: Gladys boiled it.

    • Lester: But I done shucked eight bushels of corn, chopped four cords of wood, and grounded a whole barrel of meal, and chased that goat pert near to town and back. I'm beat.
      Gladys: But Lester, this is only Wednesday. What's gonna happen by Friday?
      Lester: You might be a widow.

    • Gladys: The air is full of romance.
      Lester: That's smoke.

    • (Jethro tells Gladys he is the director)
      Gladys: You wouldn't pull my leg, would you?
      Jethro: No ma'am, I'm the director. I'm the director. Let's have the leg puller over here!

    • (Jethro sees Miss Jane, Gladys' stand in, thinking it is in fact Gladys)
      Jethro: Alright, alright. Where's the make-up man that done this to Mrs. Flatt?!
      Harry: What do you think you're doing?
      Jethro: I'm trying to save what's left of this beautiful woman. Hey, turn off them hot lights! You done melted her down to skin and bones! Don't worry ma'am, you won't have to go home in that condition.
      Harry: Jethro.
      Jethro: I said to turn out them lights! You done ruined her figure!
      Harry: Jethro, the lights have nothing to do with her figure. She's a stand-in.
      Jethro: She is a cave-in. Somebody better get busy and put her the way they found her.
      (Jane and Gladys switch places, with Jethro unaware)
      Jethro: I'm tellin' ya fellows, if her husband sees her, somebody's going to knuckle city!
      Gladys: Jethro?
      Jethro: Well, that's more like it. See, I told ya not to worry.

    • (Jane is Gladys' stand-in)
      Gladys: Then you can certainly fill my shoes.
      Miss Jane: Your shoes, yes.

    • Lester: Remember C.B, I'm countin' on you to direct every move Gladys makes.
      Jethro: Don't you worry Mr. Flatt. When I get done with your wife, she's gonna be what they call a "finished actress."

    • Earl: Lester, did she say "Gladys DeLovely?"
      Lester: Yeah, that's the name one of those publicity fellows made up.
      Earl: I kinda hope she don't get famous.
      Lester: What do ya mean?!
      Earl: Well, folks might go to calling you by her name. I don't know how that'd sit back in Tennessee: Lester DeLovely and Earl Scruggs.

    • Jed: Granny, you know Lester and Earl don't expect all this. They's home folks.
      Granny: Yeah, but Gladys is with them. And she's a city woman and a movie star. Why I bet cha she has goat cheese dip and turnip ice cream everyday!

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