The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 7

Do You Elly Take This Frog?

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Granny returns home, after visiting Dr. Klinger. She tells Elly May to kiss the frog. Elly goes outside to release the frog, and Mark pulls up. He kisses Elly, and Granny sees this and thinks Elly's kiss turned the frog into a man. They come in the house, and Granny tells them to stay out of the water. Elly and Mark say they are going down there so she can learn to be a frog woman. Granny tries to stop them and insults Mark, offending Elly. Granny, trying to stop them, jumps on Mark's back. Jed gets her down and tells her to go lie down.

During her nap, Granny dreams Elly marries a frog. But when Elly kisses him in the dream, Elly turns into a frog person too. Granny wakes up screaming. Jed tries to get her to sleep, but she escapes and runs to the pool. She sees Elly and Mark with their feet in the water. They are both wearing flippers of a scuba suit, and when Granny sees that, she screams. Jed takes her away.

After hearing Elly and Mark are getting serious, Drysdale tries to come up with a way to get in good with Mark, since he threw him out. He visits him wearing an old Navy uniform and tells him of his old Navy career: shark bite and three ships went down. This works, and he befriends Mark.

Granny later returns and sees Elly and Mark in the water in their scuba suits. When Drysdale says he is responsible for that couple, Granny tosses him in the pool too. Jethro and Jed put Granny to bed so she can rest. Jed reads Granny some jokes, but that doesn't work. Jethro decides to bring her pet frog to her, and finds two to bring. Granny thinks they are Mark and Elly. She sneaks out and visits Dr. Klinger. After a visit, she tells the doctor that he has to turn them back to their human form. Jed and Jethro find the sheets Granny used to climb out with, and Jed tells Jethro to find Granny. Jane returns with the two frogs, and Granny sees Mark and Elly, and thinking Klinger did it. But Mark says that they are going in the pool again, and Granny jumps on him to stop him.