The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 6

Doctor, Cure My Frog

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1970 on CBS



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    • (Mark is going to buy Elly a scuba suit)
      Mark: I'd like to have her measurements.
      Jane: So would I.

    • (Klinger helps Granny with her frog problem)
      Granny: Thank you doctor. You don't know what you've done.
      Klinger: That is the absolute truth.

    • (Drysdale sees a frog on his desk, and when he finds out it is Granny, calls it a cute fella)
      Granny: Well, he ain't a fella yet, but he might be after Miss Jane's kiss.
      Drysdale: Kiss? Who's she supposed to kiss?
      Jane: Granny, I can't. He's too cold and repulsive.
      Granny: Not him! (points to Drysdale)

    • Granny: From the navel down, he was frog. Then, I give him a potion what was supposed to make him into all man, but it backfired on me, and it made him all frog.
      Jethro: You expect me to believe that?
      Granny: Do you expect to eat today?!
      Jethro: I believe it.
      Granny: Then I had Elly kiss the frog, and that changed him into all man.
      Jethro: (laughs) That's wild!
      Granny: What?!
      Jethro: But true! True.

    • Elly: Jethro, we'd like to be alone.
      Jethro: You gonna neck?
      (Elly slams her foot on Jethro's)
      Elly: Jethro!

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