The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 5

Don't Marry a Frogman

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Elly comes home after her date with Mark, which Granny has been worrying about. She doesn't want her granddaughter out with a frogman. She hears a scream in the parlor, and rushes in to save Elly. But it is only Jethro's late, late movie.

The next morning, Granny visits Miss Jane for advice. Miss Jane just thinks these are nightmares, and tells her of Greek mythology stories, including Zeus. Granny thinks he is a doctor, but Jane tells her he can't do it. But Granny realizes that as a doctor she could cure Mark.

At home, Elly is making Italian food for a picnic lunch with Mark, complete with garlic donuts. But once again, Elly can't make a decent meal. When she leaves, Jed tells Granny to make food, but Granny says she needs the kitchen as her lab. Jed goes to bury them, but Jethro wants them. He tells Jethro he can have them, but Elly made them. Jethro tells Jed to bury them, and Jed tells Jethro to go to Big Momma Macherelli's to get some Italian food to replace Elly's bad cooking.

Granny gets her potion to start dripping just as Mark comes. And there is a race for Granny to get her potion and Jethro to come back for the food. But Jethro eats the food, and Elly chases him for it. Granny comes out with the potion to give to Mark. He drinks the stuff, which he says is awful. He leaves to go pick up Elly, leaving his hat and coat, which a frog crawls into. Granny sees the frog and thinks it worked backwards – all frog. She tries to hide it from Jed.

Granny works on another potion and gives it to the frog she thinks is Mark. When that potion doesn't work, she visits Miss Jane again, who tells her the story of the beautiful girl who kissed the frog and turned him into a prince. Granny gives it to Elly to kiss, and Mark visits again for his coat and cap. Granny sees Mark and Elly kissing, thinking her potion worked.
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