The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 5

Don't Marry a Frogman

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1970 on CBS



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    • (Jethro is watching the late, late monster movie)
      Jethro: Oh look Granny, yonder comes the vampire bat man, the green zombie, the werewolf, and the mad scientist. They's all good guys.

    • (Jane tells Granny the story about Pan, the goat boy, and how only Zeus could change him)
      Granny: Could you get me that Zeus on the telephone? He sounds like quite a doctor.
      Jane: Granny, he exists only in Greek mythology, on Mount Olympus.
      Granny: Well, if it's long distance, I'd be glad to pay fer it.

    • Jethro: Hey Granny, come on in! I switched channels and got a even better picture – "The Wolf Man Marries Snow White."

    • (Elly comes down the stairs in a pant suit)
      Jed: Elly, why don't you wear a dress? Mark will think you're a boy.
      Mark: No way.

    • Jethro: Hey Uncle Jed, what cha doin'?
      Jed: Fixin' to bury a basket full of vittles.
      Jethro: Give em to me! I'm starvin'.
      Jed: Help yourself. Elly May cooked em.
      Jethro: Bury em.

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