The Beverly Hillbillies

Season 9 Episode 21

Elly, the Secretary

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1971 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • What happened to Jed's movie studio? When Louellen mentions getting to a movie studio, Jed says he'll take her to Mr. Drysdale. What happened to Mammoth Pictures? Jed could have taken her for a screen test at his studio and ensure she gets a good role.

    • Sadly, we see an even darker side of Mr. Drysdale and his rudeness when he berates Louellen and calls her names, making her cry. Had Jed caught the conversation when Mr. Drysdale called her those names, Jed would have probably taken his money out of Mr. Drysdale's bank and probably ruined a friendship in the process and could have been an instant notion for Jed and the family to get away from this man. If the Clampetts did not have their money, would Drysdale even care about them?

  • Quotes

    • Jethro: Why, if I was to walk into that palace in Monaco with that little old hayseed, why, Princess Grace and Prince Rainier would throw me out!
      Jed: Well, don't go to see Princess Grace and Prince Rainier.
      Jethro: Uncle Jed, ask me to give up polo, ask me to give up skiing in the Alps, but don't ask me to give up my friends!

    • (Jed is trying to tell Louellen that Jethro has run away because he doesn't want to marry her)
      Jed: Louellen?
      Louellen: Yes, Mr. Clampett?
      Jed: Did you have a nice trip out here from Louisiana?
      Louellen: Just wonderful.
      Jed: Did ya hear that Granny? She had a wonderful trip out from Louisiana.
      Granny: Get to the point Jed.
      Jed: Louellen?
      Louellen: Yes Mr. Clampett?
      Jed: You sure did turn out purty.
      Louellen: Thank you sir.
      Granny: Jed!
      Jed: Alright Granny. Alright, I'm comin' to it. Louellen?
      Louellen: Yes, Mr. Clampett?
      Jed: Do you recollect the day Jethro put that ring on your finger?
      Louellen: Yes I do.
      Jed: You recollect him kissing you?
      Louellen: I do.
      Jed: You recollect him askin' you to wait fer him?
      Louellen: I do.
      Jed: You recollect him sayin' that uh, one day you would share everything.
      Louellen: I do.
      Jed: Darlin' I wish you'd stop sayin' "I do." You're makin' me awful nervous.

    • Louellen: Has something happened to Jethro?
      Granny: Oh no! He's the same as ever. Of course, in a way, I guess that's bad news right there.

    • (Drysdale tells Jed and Louellen she could win an Academy Award)
      Drysdale: I know what you're capable of Louellen. And mark my words, one of these nights, you'll be taking that famous fellow Oscar home with you.
      Jed: Mr. Drysdale, I've known Louellen all her life, and she ain't that kind of girl.

    • Jethro: I was crazy about her too. First time I ever really fell in love.
      Jed: With Louellen?
      Jethro: No, with her cupcakes.

    • (Granny doesn't want to hear what Jed says is in the telegram)
      Granny: I ain't gonna listen! (covers her ears)
      Jed: Well doggies! It's from Louellen Aden in Monroe, Louisiana.
      Granny: Why, that's that little girl that Jethro used to tote her books back home.
      Jed: I thought you wasn't gonna listen.
      Granny: Can I help it if I got ears like a hawk?!

    • Drysdale: Don't you realize you violated a religious law by eating ham?!
      Jane: I am not of that faith.
      Drysdale: Join it! That stuff's expensive.

    • Granny: Jed, maybe you can't hold a boy to an engagement made when he was in the second grade.
      Jed: I wouldn't count on it Granny. Jethro was fourteen at the time.

    • Jane: Elly, are that cat and that rooster compatible?
      Elly: Oh no. They gets along just fine.

    • (Jed asks Jethro is he remembers Louellen)
      Jethro: Oh yeah! I used to call her cupcake.
      Jed: Cupcake?
      Jethro: Sweetest thing I ever put my lips to.
      Jed: Louellen was, huh?
      Jethro: No. The cupcakes she used to tote to school in her lunchbox.

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